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Interactive, theatrical, fun and original!

from 2014 performance at Smither Park, Orange Show in Houston

Loreta Kovacic-piano and melodica,  Joe Parani-theremin, Shane Lauder on drums and a few  APT kids singers and  four (or at least two) volunteer adult actors-dancers / walking props.  One face paining artist from your organization would be a great addition to our program. He/she can face paint our APT characters: space bunnies, puppies, cyclops, iguana and jelly fish. Program features a few cover songs, but mostly original songs composed by Loreta Kovacic for Alchemist Piano Theatre. All original songs have been published on line (iTunes, Amazon, YouTube). Audience can buy "Brother Tadpole" album directly from Loreta after the show for $ 12.

We will deliver APT album to be played before the show, during intermission and after the show. Music is a mix of APT originals and famous songs from all eras and styles.

Time: 30 + min., can be adjusted. Need: sound system and a sound man.  Can bring our own APT equipment: electric piano and sound system at an extra cost.  You need to supply a sound man from your organization. 


play APT album ----------------


teach PP polka and Cyclops dance to the audience, so that they can participate in live performance-------

2 Maya ( from "Space Wiggs" album)

3 No trouble in Texas  ( from "Brother Tadpole" album)


5 PUPPY PUDDLE POLKA       dance – audience interactive                                       

                 *Other:   Sejla-Paris skies.    Path of the snail.   Amigos.  Claire’s wind.    Darlene.    

            prop: MOON   (APT)

5 Charlie's video game for piano (with dancer or mime).

6 Paper moon  cover                    APT singer soloists children

7 CHARLIE stumble

8 You are my sunshine, Somos como las flores   covers

9 Charlie run and hide in C

10 Because, Beatles cover.     

 * Covers:  People are strange by Doors, What a wonderful world.   Let it be.  Merry go round by K M,  Fly me to the moon, Smile.

            prop: CYCLOPS EL GRANDE  (APT)

11 CYCLOPS DANCE           dance – audience interactive


--------intermission  play APT album-----------


CHILDREN’S THEATRE songs by Loreta Kovacic:

1 Silent ups and downs for piano ( and dancer or mime)

(2 Let it go cover with children volunteer singers from the audience)

3 To Balvaria

4 Cyclops Hans   sung by Joe         

5 Symmetry   and Brother Tadpole             

             prop/costume: SPACE BUNNY.

6 Space bunnies, Space Wiggs & Aliens    movement,  (costumes)

7 Aeiou, Peace,           movement – audience interactive.

8 Evil Jelly fish  (costume)   3 volunteers for evil laughter

9 Iguana song

10 Bayou Tango (Halloween song)

11 It’s all good (volunteer singers-dancers)

12 repeat CYCLOPS DANCE  (all dance)

            Covers:  1 Joplin: rag. cover      2 Carol's piano,        3 Plywood  by Loreta Kovacic            Dolphin.      Alice in Paris,                    * Classical:    Scarlatti: Sonata in C.      Bach: inventions    folk: Mare –Sinoc (Dalmatian folk song)

--------------THE END -play APT album--------------- 


Dr. Loreta Kovacic, who is fondly referred to as the “Alchemist”, is an accomplished musician, author and children’s theater director. Her spirit is what makes her a true alchemist in that she has the uncanny ability to transform the seemingly normal into true gold. This ability is reflected in the children she works with, inspiring a new level of confidence through music and performance!

Loreta holds a Doctorate in Music from Rice University, but is widely known for her performances from Houston’s small local stages to Carnegie Hall. Her critically acclaimed work, “Brother Tadpole, classics”, garnered her a Grammy nomination. When she’s not performing she plays, composes, teaches, directs and creates original children’s musicals at her studio in Houston.

Following her passion and inspired by her daughter, who has dyslexia, she decided to create a non-profit theatre program that welcomes and encourages children with learning disabilities to help them gain confidence and inspire their creative side. This all original children’s musical theater, Alchemist Piano Theatre (AlchemistPiano premieres new plays and hosts many educational family events throughout the year.

In her native former Yugoslavia (now Croatia), Loreta was known as her country’s first female electronic keyboard player as well as a classical pianist. Her songs have been played on Croatian radio and TV, Houston’s radio KUHF and KPFT and the International Space Station. Her music and videos are available on Amazon, You tube, CDbaby, etc.

“Her show has a distinctive cabaret feel to it, with all the notes filtered through her larger-then-life personality.” (Culturemap, Houston, 2010)

 Loreta’s first albums were classical piano masterpieces

  • Loreta Kovacic, Pianist
  • Piano Notturno

 Her latest albums are original children’s theater songs (APT songs)

Cantabile,  * Brother Tadpole, * Space Wiggs  * Slavic & Western


 $$$ Budget (depending on the number of participants and equipment needed):

$ 250 per musician. Three musicians total: Loreta Kovacic, Joe Parani and Shane Lauder. 

Sound system rental, delivery and setup: $200 and Props: $ 150.

Total for 3 musicians, sound system and props, playing two sets of 30 min or one 45 min set: 

$ 1000.

We offer discounts for non-profit organizations (up to 50 % off, a total of $ 500 ).

Minimum of two volunteers from your organization are needed to help animate the audience, to help teach them our interactive movement and dance and to wear our walking props. They are the "WALKING & DANCING PROPS".  This is an important visual-movement element of the show, and it helps connect the audience to performers. Walking-dancing props move freely from stage into the audience and back.

To discuss different options, please email: and set up a meeting. Thank you.

Pay all artists/staff: Loreta, drummer, adult actor/prop, theremin player is optional.

Send a contract which includes all names and prices to Loreta Kovacic, 701 Byrne street. Houston TX 77009.  Please pay upon arrival at the venue. Two artist checks need to be addressed to specific artist names: Loreta Kovacic and Shane Lauder. Sound equipment and prop rental fee goes to Alchemist Piano Theatre. Thank you.

.Prop and costume rental-APT property. Please help us keep our very special props intact. They are hand made by artists at APT and are vulnerable. Thanks.

our audience
from HCC concert


ALCHEMIST workshop

You can support Alchemist Piano Theatre if you book our workshop today!!

 Alchemist Piano Theatre: original musical performance for kids

3 hours at your church or school

Magic in arts

For children age 4 to 14 and parents who would like to participate as “moving props” and/or musicians- actors.

Learn the Alchemist Magic with Dr. Loreta Kovacic, DMA from Rice University and Grammy nominated children’s artist.

Story: “Space Wiggs” is about children who are curious about the Universe.  Children and parents participate in play acting a story told by the narrator-director.

Please listen to the theme song on YouTube:

Bring your own instruments or play one of ours. You will be asked to participate in singing, playing instruments, movement and acting.

A total of 3 hours with a 30 min snack break.

After snack break there is a 30 min costume, make up and improv. time.

First hour is rehearsal, and second hour is performance.

Suggested cost/donation per participant: $ 10 

Maximum participants; 20 children and 20 adults

Booking cost: $ 480

 Alchemist Workshop artwork

Alchemist Workshop artwork