Preschool music class curriculum “BEETHOVEN: MOON and ASTRONAUTS”

 Preschool music class curriculum


From “Alchemist Da Capo” by Loreta Kovacic

Beethoven by Loreta


VISUAL aid : Bring the "Moon": laser lights, shiny light or disco ball etc. You can use a CD for the moon visual. Cut out a photo of an astronaut who is flying next to the "moon".


Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata for piano solo: first movement.

Pink Floyd: from the “Dark side of the moon”: shine on you crazy diamond 

Loreta Kovacic from “Brother Tadpole classics”: Hula dance in space.

CONCEPTS: creative space movement and sound. SOFT and SLOW music and movement with space sounds. PITCH: low and high, RHYTHM: clap the rhythm of the words and the beat. DYNAMICS: piano and forte. Playing the TRIANGLE. SINGING.

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Music day boogie    (APT intro song)  
(C) Yay yay yay  (eb d c)  music day (eb d c)
(F, G) Yay yay yay.   Music! yeeeeeee    (ab g f, g g high)
(C)   Music day….. (eb c c)


------ ------- ------- -------- -------- --------- --------                                                             

1 MUSIC: Beethoven: Moonlight sonata, first movement.

STORY: Read or tell story about Beethoven in your own words. Mention his Moonlight sonata, his hair and his piano and how much he loved the moon:

Beethoven is a great composer. He plays the piano. He plays his song about the moon. Beethoven wrote his MOONLIGHT sonata for piano. It goes like this:…. Play Moonlight sonata, first movement. Show picture of Beethoven playing in front of people.


SOUND:  CARBBON COPY SOUNDS:  Make space sounds and play “carbon copy”. The next kid copies the sound. Sssssss. Bzzzzzzz. Etc.


Clap the rhythm, then make up words to the rhythm of the theme in the 1st movement of the Moonlight Sonata:

a-e-iiiii… low-and-high



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2 MUSIC: Pink Floyd: dark side of the moon. (shine on you crazy diamond)ACTIVITY: Make space sounds and movement like flying: sssss or bzzzzzz. This is the space travel or “space movement”: Pretend you are floating inside the Space Station then land on the moon like the astronaut.

Show astronaut picture. Talk about astronaut-wear.  Ask questions. Astronaut wears: a helmet, boots and space suit. On his back he has a backpack called safer with jets.  It allows him to fly, or travel back to the rocket ship.

TACTILE: Beethoven bust, Astronaut mat, fluffy “moon grass” rug or blanket, soft and hard “moon rocks”, hand made or use large shiny plastic beads.

SOUND LAB: Show how you can make maracas with hard moon rocks. The more moon rocks you put in the plastic container, the louder the sound. Kids older then three can experiment with this but younger kids can just observe the teacher because they do like to put things in their mouth...

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ASTRONAUT WEAR (The more we get together tune)

Oh would you wear bunny ears, bunny ears…….. in a rocket ship?

Kids respond (say their names):  ------ can wear bunny ears, bunny ears, bunny ears, we cannot… a rocket ship


(to the music of heads and shoulders: piano and forte)     

Let’s get dressed for the moon, (kids respond LOUD or SOFT): for the moon!

Boots and helmet, space suit too.  Let’s get dressed for the moon: for the moon!

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4 MUSIC: Hula dance in space by Loreta Kovacic

ACTIVITY-DANCE: move slowly and quietly: stand on one foot like floating. Introduce SLOW tempo and movement. You cannot run on the moon. There is no gravity. Hula dance with arms right to left.

INSTRUMENT:  triangle “from the moon”: loud and soft playing, individually.

ART: cut out moons from aluminum foil to take home. Give moon or piano stamps at the end.


Make cute simple round "music monsters" from play-dough that can be hardened (in the oven). Draw music signs on their backs from p for piano to the whole note, etc. Make a matching pair in the same color. When kids find their matching pair, the monsters touch, then fly in the air making a sssss sound like astronauts in space.