Alchemist On The Road needs funding for projects

One of our projects is to take APT’s concert  production on a tour to New Orleans and Croatia. The first APT concert was on April 7th  at Christ the King Church in the Rice Village in Houston and the premiere of “Tadpoles save the ocean” was on Friday, May 10th  2013 at 1100 Roy street. The latest production of an original APT play was on May 18th 2018 at Janowski Elementary school.  Young children enjoyed our production of a bilingual play "HELP SAVE EL OCEANO". 

Grants are also needed for projects and community events hosted at APT: "Houston Live radio show", "Family Band Jam", premieres of new plays in schools and communities, Family style musical events, and "CIVILIZED WALKERS" in neighborhoods in Houston and beyond.  

APT needs your funding for additional supplies and support, but more importantly to provide scholarships for children and/or adults who join the program . We want to support artistic educational programs  in Title1 schools, for underprivileged children,  so we are asking for your help today.  APT can bring original musical theatre to Title1 schools but it needs your financial support.