HELP SAVE EL OCEANO, a one act musical play

30 min, for schools, Flexible Cast, bilingual, interactive.

Written by Loreta Kovacic 2018.



This is a one act musical play for (middle) school about imaginary island country of “Morajo” where a strange new species of amphibian jelly fish polluted one bay. All citizens lead by Morajan science team, the two famous brothers known as“the Cyclops” work on creative solutions to this problem. Brother scientists are known for their scientific discoveries as well as for their very original dance moves. Promotes power of science. It is bilingual: English/Spanish, and interactive. Audience be prepared to participate! All songs include movement and/or dance and can be found on YouTube. Musical score is included.  

For 9 to 30 actors.   There are 9 main roles and a chorus of many Morajan citizens. One Middle School class of 9 to 30 students can participate. 3 Male roles and 6 Unisex roles.


 $$$ needed for: costumes and props to put on this new play. Play promotes the power of science and teamwork. We need lab coats and uniforms, bubble machine, etc/


ACTORS: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 

NARRATOR (real name of the actor-actress)

FIRST LADY OF BALVARIA: Ms. (real last name of the actress)

EVIL JELLY FISH: 1, 2__________(real name of the actor-actress)

LIVE PIANO PLAYER(s) for Polka and Waltz in White tux (made from lab coat).

2 CHOIR LEADERS, and EVERYONE: all other citizens of Morajo. (audience)


Cyclops Scientists: 1 , 2, Three scientists are brothers and all have hats with one eye in the middle, symbolizing the Cyclops, Greek mythical creatures. One eye represents wisdom, and Cyclops is their nickname from birth, given to them by their uncle from Cuba. They are wise and a little goofy, typical scientists. Their names are Cyclops Scientist _______. (the real name of the actor)

LAB MAN_______(real name of the actor)




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