40 min for schools, Large Cast

Written by Loreta Kovacic 2015




For Middle school

3 scenes: duration: 40 min.

written by Loreta Kovacic, music theatre teacher



Short play for middle school about imaginary island country of “Balvaria” where a strange new species of amphibian jelly fish polluted one bay. All citizens lead by Balvarian science team, the three famous brothers known as“the Cyclops” work on creative solutions to this problem. Brother scientists are known for their scientific discoveries as well as for their very original dance moves. Promotes power of science.

For 15 to 36 actors.   There are 15 main roles and a chorus of many Balvarian citizens. One Middle School class of 15 to 38 students can participate.


 $$$ needed for: costumes and props to put on this new play. Play promotes the power of science and teamwork. We need lab coats and uniforms, bubble machine, etc/


Props and costumes:-------------------------------------------------------------------------

big sign to make on large plywood board: with title of the lab,

3 Cyclops Lab hats,

3 Cyclops science glasses (one large goggle eye attached to a diving mask), and

4 Lab coats, 5 Lab uniforms (3 boys, 2 girls)

(((3 Cyclops lab coats, 1 lab coat for Live Piano Player, 2 Lab uniforms for Idea girls, 3 lab uniforms for lab man)))

science glasses for Lab man and idea girls,

jelly fish costume: all black with glasses, large jelly umbrella-hat,  white underneath.

large tubes and science experiment bottles with bubbles,

bubble and fog machine,

garlic, watermelon

Overhead projection in the background: science lab scene and a video.

ACTORS: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

NARRATOR (real name of the actor-actress)

FIRST LADY OF BALVARIA: Ms. (real last name of the actress)

AMPHYBIAN JELLY FISH: 1, 2__________(real name of the actor-actress)

LIVE PIANO PLAYER(s) for Polka and Waltz in White tux (made from lab coat).

2 CROWD LEADERS, and EVERYONE: all other citizens of Balvaria. (audience)


Cyclops Scientists: 1 , 2, 3. Three scientists are brothers and all have hats with one eye in the middle, symbolizing the Cyclops, Greek mythical creatures. One eye represents wisdom, and Cyclops is their nickname from birth, given to them by their uncle from Cuba. They are wise and a little goofy, typical scientists. Their names are Cyclops Scientist _______. (the real name of the actor)

Lab man: 1, 2, 3. Lab Man 1_______(real name of the actor) Idea girls: 1, 2.




Show this video as a background overhead while setting up table for the first scene:


 HILLSONG UNITED OCEANS (where feet may fail) lyric video



1 Cyclops Lab scene 

(set up Cyclops Lab table with props: big sign with title of the lab, overhead image of science lab in the background, large tubes and science experiment bottles with bubbles, garlic )

 NARRATOR (at the podium in front of Lab table):  Welcome to Balvaria, our great island nation. This is not a good time….Our ocean is in danger….One of our bays has been polluted by the two very strange jelly fish. These two jelly fish are a brand new species. They are bigger then normal jelly fish, almost human size and they are amphibian, they live in the ocean but are also capable of living on land .. This is very allarming…We have just called our greatest scientists, our three Cyclops brothers, and we must all join in the efforts to save our ocean. I call upon our science team and all our technical personal to join forces at the big Balvarian SCIENCE LAB.


EVERYONE: sitting in the first rows as audience, applauding at the end of each speech.


 FIRST LADY (next to narrator): We need to find the solution to this bad pollution and we need to do it now. Our police and military has already located the two Amphibian Jelly Fish, and we have informed all our citizens through our media. Now it’s up to our science/tech team to find the antidote.  Good luck to all! Help save the ocean. Any way you can….We are so lucky indeed to have our Great Science team already on their way here to our Big Science Lab. Our three famous brothers scientists, Juan, Jose and Jesus helped us many times before. You all might remember them as the “Cyclops brothers”. This was a nickname given to them by their uncle from Cuba. We believe in our Cyclops scientists and we pray for their focus and wisdom.


2 CROWD LEADERS: Hands up for the Cyclops!

EVERYONE:  Hands up! Hands up! Hands up! Hands up!


(three Cyclops and three Lab Man run to the Lab table)


CYCLOPS  SCIENTIST 1: I am so glad, dear first lady that we could all get together in our LAB so quckly. Mucho rapido.

CYCLOPS SCIENTIST 2: Ya ya, I am calling the POISON PREVENTION T and T central

              Hallo Hallo Hallo Jelly T and TBUUUUUUUUUZZZZ ugh…our lines are            down!!

CYCLOPS SCIENTIST 3: Jelly fish really messed it all up! Even land lines? Not just the ocean…



LAB MAN 1: Hey dear Cyclops mates, we are here to help you guys work on this!

LAB MAN 2: TO STOP the amphibian jelly fish !!!                                        

CYCLOPS 1: Si Tadpole,   let’s put on our glasses… (they all put on glasses)

CYCLOPS 2: I totally agree, my Brother….

CYCLOPS 3: Yo right on my mates…capetan!


NARRATOR: Everyone else here, all the good citizens of Balvaria and all of you here right now need to help our science team.  Can you HELP SAVE THE OCEAN? You ask how?  Well,,,In Balvaria we believe in the power of SOUND MEDITATION. It is very similar to what many of you know as prayer….So all of you here, lets use our Sound Meditaion to help our science team right now!…. repeat after me:  AA EE II OO UUU

AEIOUniverse (Loreta Kovacic, youtube)





Our Cyclops scientists are hard at work, experimenting with all kinds of crazy ingredients: hydrogen, garlic, POTIONS IN A BOTTLE, oxygen, magnum, etc. ( Science team make weird alchemist sounds: hmmmmm arrrr urh? Gh?.... make your own science research sounds)

CYCLOPS 12  and 3: Eureka! (sing) We found it! SI SI SI.

LAB MAN 3 : What is it what is it what is it???????!!! Tell tell tell ussss!

CYCLOPS 1: The secret ingredient is: garlic juice! (holds up garlic in his hand) Just like my grandmother used to say. Garlic saves the day. Ajo Ajo!!! Thank you nanna.

EVERYONE: Great Job Cyclops!                                                                              

LAB MAN  1: Now we have to give it to the jellyfish somehow….

IDEAGIRL1: I have an idea:  a watermelon eating contest! I heard it through the grape-wine that these new jelly fish love competitions and they are crazy for watermelon!

IDEA GIRL 2: Yeah, and let’s assume that they do not like garlic, cause I know I don’t….so we can put the garlic potion inside the watermelon slices….yeah!  My mom used to do something like this.

EVERYONE: Great idea!…



2 watermelon scene

TO BALVARIA MUSIC; (change lab table to watermelon table with props: watermelon,).


NARRATOR; Evil jellyfish seem to be coming…..They heard about the watermelon contest in the media…

AMPHYBIAN JELLY FISH 1 and 2 come in a chaotic, jelly way, and sing the

 Evil Jelly fish song (loreta Kovacic, youtube)



EVIL JELLY FISH SONG:  hahaha (evil lough)

Jelly fish glow evil queens, they’re the greatest ones you’ve ever seen.

This land is hostile, not welcoming at all, unfriendly bush and brush, you can’t go for a stroll, not at all…..yet this is where you find the most amazing creatures. They’ll fly you up to Mars or maybe to a local jail, they might, just as well…..

We all could have been somebody the chorus sings

Everyone: LA LA LA LA///

 but we’re just damaged goods compared to us, superb jelly fish That’s us. Humanity, oh look at us.

Humanity oh how I love you still (jelly talk, make up)

So let’s put our slimy parts on….with tenticles and all, cause under this heavenly umbrella the sky’s about to turn black….I’ll put on my jelly fish shirt on then I womp and wobble, then I girst and gobble, like a soulful jelly fish glow…


EVERYONE: jelly fish talk: sikaya….make up


NARRATOR: Despite all of this wobble and evil jelly fish talk, the Cyclops invite them to the table…


AMPHYBIAN JELLY FISH 1: OH how we love competitions… and we love to win!                                    

AJF 2: OH how we love watermelon too…it is so juicy!

NARRATOR: Everyone sits down, while the Cyclops get ready to start the contest.

CYCLOPS 2 : start now! (everyone eats fast) and the winner is: LAB MAN 2!

EVERYONE: applause! (Great job LAB MAN 2!)


NARRATOR: After they ate the watermelon, the two jellyfish suddenly feel strange…

AJF1: Oh I feel so strange, I feel like I want to dance now….                                                                         

AJF2 : Yeah me too, and I don’t even care that we did not win! I just want to kiss the winner… (EJF tries to kiss LAB MAN 2 then TRANSFORMS gradually-WILD POLKAwith (all) CYCLOPS: two jellies and two Cyclops dance as couples center stage


LIVE PIANO PLAYER:  POLKA piano music*******


AJF 1: I feel like a normal jelly fish again! (take off black clothes and glasses)

NARRATOR: Oh our amphybian jelly fish look like normal jelly fish again, they are totally transformed! From now on, they will continue cleaning the ocean instead of polluting it


LIVE PIANO PLAYER: WALTZ music******  Evil jelly fish now dance a jelly kind of waltz while taking off their black shirts, glasses and umbrellas. They have white clothes underneath,  so that now they become completely white.







3 happy end scene  

(remove table from stage)


NARRATOR; As you can see, things are good in Balvaria, everyone is celebrating now, and everyone knows how to dance the famous Cyclops dance: like this in 4 movements (show movements)

(All Balvarian citizens or everyone comes on stage to dance this dance.)


EVERYONE :  (comes on to the stage from the audience first two rows)


Cyclops dance (Loreta Kovacic, youtube)


CYCLOPS DANCE (from “Brother Tadpole classics”) (ALL: Cyclops dance in four movements: 1 hands criss cros rock front and back. 2 hands up 3 boogie 4 yehaa)

CYCLOPS :we are the Cyclops, we live to play. Hands up….Hands up

                we love Balvaria, ho ho he hey, HANDS UP…. HANDS UP

CYCLOPS: Boogie boogie boogie boogie, yeehaw…yeahaw!

                   Boogie boogie boogie boogie. yeehaw….yeahaw!

CYCLOPS: we are the cylops we live to play/ Hands up….Hands up! 


 IDEA GIRL 1 (front stage); From now on, our evil jelly fish is once again just a plankton, an ocean drifter who is stinging and sticky and can hurt you a little…but not much…and all in all, it is another small but significant part of our planet’s life cycle….

IDEA GIRL 2: Not really capable of doing any harm..not at all capable of polluting our ocean like some of us humans are.


NARRATOR: Yes all is good with the jelly fish, but we call for further action from you people. More then one bay in Balvaria is still polluted not by jelly fish but by us, humans… So,  help save the ocean. Please.



Show the same video from the opening overhead as everyone leaves the stage:

HILLSONG UNITED OCEANS (where feet may fail) lyric video


Songs for the play:

Hillsong United Oceans, where my feet fail (youtube)

AEIOU by Loreta Kovacic (youtube)

Evil Jelly fish by Loreta Kovacic (youtube)

Cyclops dance by Loreta Kovacic (youtube)



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