Three Alchemist Piano Theatre classics are three one act comedies with music for young audiences. Actors can be Middle School age or older.  Interactive, educational, inspired by science, Mexican culture and humanity, these three plays are well suited for a bilingual community, but can be enjoyed by any community. Loreta Kovacic is a Grammy nominated musician, writer and teacher.  Music is available on YouTube but if you need a music score please contact Loreta: Enjoy your Theater productions, your actors and your audience with these three APT classics.                         Sincerely,   Dr. Loreta Kovacic, AKA the Alchemist




by Loreta Kovacic


Three one act comedies with music for young audiences. Played by Middle School or older actors. Educational, interactive, “bilingual”, fun.





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Is a performing artist, writer and a teacher, an immigrant from Croatia who settled in Houston, the city she happily calls her home since 1990.  As an internationally acclaimed musician, entertainer and teacher, she finds inspiration in the multi-cultural environment of her hometown, Houston. She started her career as a teenage rock star in Croatia, where, aside from actively performing as a classical pianist, she was also known as her country’s first female rock electronic keyboard player.


 Houston Public Radio compares the style of her compositions to Eric Satie, and Houston Press notes how she “moves from classical to pop milieus as fluidly as her fingers dance around the ivories”.  Loreta calls her style “Slavic & Western” and she calls herself and her band, the “Texas Slavs”.  She loves performing with her husband Joe Parani, who plays on his home made theremin, accompanying Loreta’s songs with the passion of a one of a kind space flight trainer from NASA.  Their original children’s album, “Brother Tadpole classics” has been nominated for a Grammy in 2011.  Many songs from this and her other albums (“Space Wiggs”, “Cantabile”. “Slavic & Western”) were written for the Alchemist Piano Theatre one act plays.


Loreta Kovacic holds a Doctorate Degree in Music from Rice University.  She performs at a wide range of venues including Carnegie Hall, Museum of Fine Arts Houston and Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, Discovery Green, Orange Show and Mucky Duck in Houston. In Croatia she preforms live for radio and TV on shows such as “Good morning Croatia”, etc.  The music from her many CD’s has been played on the International Space Station.


Loreta often performs her original plays with music and produces them at Alchemist Piano Theatre in Houston. Her musical plays have been commissioned by CAMH, Mardi Gras Museum in New Orleans and Discovery Green in Houston.  These comedy one-act plays are influenced by Theatre of the Absurd.  They are educational, interactive, relatively easy and cheap to produce and fun for both actors and the audience.  Loreta’s stories are mostly about Saving the Earth, the Universe (“Space Wiggs”), the Ocean (“Help save el Oceano”), the Holidays (“Isla Mujeres holiday”), our Souls, etc.  Characters are funny and use plenty of physical comedy.  Most of Loreta’s plays are intended for young audiences, but can be enjoyed by parents simultaneously. Loreta’s plays are written for Middle School or older actors.  They were intended for a bilingual community (English and Spanish speaking people), but are not limited to it.  Both actors and the audience can benefit from learning a few phrases in Spanish. Stories were inspired by scientific exploration of NASA and by many trips to Mexico, the country that Loreta calls her “spiritual motherland”.


Dr. Loreta Kovacic now teaches middle school music and theater in a bilingual Title 1 school.  She continues writing new plays with music for her bilingual students, often adding a few Spanish-speaking roles in her plays.  Ms. K loves comedy and her plays have been labeled as “Absurdist comedies” or “Theatre of the Absurd for children”.  She is also a freelance writer for Houstonia magazine, Croatia Week, Glasstire, RedPub and Alchemist Piano Theatre Travelog.



 By JASON HERBST,     AlchemistPianoTheatre board member,

Unified Communications CEO                    Tel. 713-459-3369

 “Dr. Loreta Kovacic, who is fondly referred to as the “Alchemist”, is an accomplished musician, teacher, author, community leader and theater director. Her spirit is what makes her a true alchemist in that she has the uncanny ability to transform the seemingly normal into true gold. This ability is reflected in the students she works with, inspiring in them the new level of confidence through music and performance.”


"HELP SAVE EL OCEANO" comedy with music by Loreta Kovacic

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This 30 min. COMEDY one act play with MUSIC was written for Middle School (or older) theater team to perform for a young audience  (Elementary up to 3rd grade). Original music is published on YouTube and it was composed originally for APT (the Alchemist Piano Theatre) in Houston. There are 10+ roles: two F, one M and 7+ Unisex. For 10 - 30 actors. One Middle School class of 10 to 30 students can all become citizens of tropical “Morajo land”. This play includes 4 original songs.

Set is minimal; it is set on a tropical island. Three main images are: tropical beach, Science Lab, and Watermelon Contest.


STORY is about our two famous Cyclops Scientists on the imaginary island of “Morajo” who discover an antidote to an ocean pollutant, which is produced by the two Evil Jellyfish.  This show celebrates SCIENCE and discovery. It can be considered BILINGUAL: written in English with a few words and short phrases in Spanish, because most citizens of Morajo are bilingual.  They refer to their Mexican culture, and they all learn to dance the famous “Cyclops Dance.”  Actors do not have to speak Spanish. All actors can easily learn a few short phrases and words in Spanish. This show is INTERACTIVE. It invites audience to participate in dance and movement.



This show was first performed at Discovery Green, later at Esperanza School (2015) and the latest performance was at Janowski Elementary in Houston on May 18th, 2018.  Loreta wrote and published all songs on YouTube.


10 + ROLES: Lab Man (M), Idea Girl (F), First Lady (F), 1-3 narrators (Unisex), Jellyfish 1 (U), Jellyfish 2 (U), Cyclops 1 (U), Cyclops 2 (U), 1-2 Choir Leaders (U), Cyclops Walking Prop (U)

CHOIR: All actors, the crew, plus more citizens (up to 20 more).

CREW: Sound tech, light tech, assistant director, makeup artist, costumes manager, props manager, and 4 Stage crew (chosen from actors/choir).


ROLES characteristics      

                                        All actors need to learn a few words in Spanish.

2 Cyclops scientists: funny, loud, quirky, good story tellers, bilingual.

2 Evil Jellyfish: good singers and actors.

Choir Leader: loud and animated-connection to the Audience.

Lab Man: nerdy, in love with the Idea Girl.

Idea girl: smart and funny. Physical comedy.

First Lady of Morajo: calm, loud and poised.

Narrator(s): Loud, funny, great speaker. Can read from the script.

Cyclops Walking Prop: funny, physical comedy, big kid or an adult, interactive. No lines.


5 Songs, 7 music cues (all on YouTube):  


1.    “Welcome to the Theater” by Loreta Kovacic (original)


2.    Solo Song: from “The Little Mermaid” or any Broadway show 


3.    “AEIOU” by Loreta Kovacic (original)



4.    “Cyclops Dance” instrumental (same as 7, minus the voice



5.    “Evil Jellyfish” by Loreta Kovacic  (original)  



6.    “Welcome to the Theater” DANCE (same as 1)  


      7. “Cyclops Dance” by Loreta Kovacic    (original)   



Lyrics change: say “MORAJO LAND” instead of “BALVARIA”.


---ACT 1:  Science Lab---

(Act One: all actors except Evil Jellyfish)

CHOIR (all) in a small circle with hands in the middle chant: “GO THEATER team. This is our big dream, working hard on our show, to the top LET’S GO!”

 After this CHOIR makes a larger circle and SITS down on the floor.


1 WELCOME TO THEATER  song (Loreta Kovacic, YouTube)

While music is playing, four Crew Members are setting up the Science Lab scene: The “Science table” is in the middle with small props: tubes, smoke maker, bottles with bubbles and a few chairs. Big poster of SCIENCE LAB is next to the table

Front Stage Left are the narrators and the First Lady of Morajo on a stationary microphone. Choir of Morajan citizens are sitting in a big circle in the middle of the stage floor.


CHOIR LEADERS get audience to bark and raise their hands. They are “training the audience.”


NARRATOR 1:  “Welcome to MORAJO, our great tropical island nation. Our beautiful country is known for our love of science, our bilingual speaking, and our very entertaining, never boring citizens. Our typical greeting here is: (yells with hand up) MANOS ARRIBA! Now you!” (to audience): -----


“Here in Morajo we really love music. We enjoy many songs and great shows all year.  Here is one of our singers right now. She will sing”>>>>>>>>>> “All right, all right, all right!”


This is a “show within a show.” Singer can sing a song from a famous musical such as “Part of Your World” from “Little Mermaid” or any other Broadway song.


2   SOLO SONG   

CHOIR LEADERS and CHOIR applaud at the end of this performance. Singer bows.


NARRATOR 2:  (get serious all at the table look worried) “I am so sorry. This is really not a good time. Our friends just told us that our ocean is in danger! Our beautiful bays have been polluted by two very strange jellyfish – Medusas. These two jellyfish are a brand-new species. They are bigger than normal jellyfish, almost the size of a human, and they are amphibian. They live in the ocean but are also capable of living on land. This is very alarming ALARMANTE!” (Run in a circle. Stop suddenly.)


NARRATOR 3: “We have just called our greatest scientists, our two Cyclops sisters (or brothers) AKA the CICLOPES, and we must all join in the efforts to save our ocean. Our great FIRST LADY of MORAJO is here with me (shake hands) to call upon our science team and all our technical personal to join forces at the big Morajan SCIENCE LAB AKA LABORATORIA DE SCIENCIA.”




FIRST LADY 1: (Next to narrator at the podium center front stage)

“We need to find the solution to this bad pollution, and we need to do it now. Our police and military have already located the two

Amphibian Jellyfish, the two MEDUSAS, and we have informed all of our citizens through our media. Now it’s up to our science/tech team to find the antidote.  Good luck to all! Help save the ocean. Any way you can….AYUDANOS A SALVAR EL OCEANO.”

               “We are so lucky indeed to have our Great Science team already on their way here to Morajo Science Lab. Our two famous sisters (or brothers) scientists, Juana and Juanita (or Juan and Jesus), helped us many times before. You all might remember them as the “Cyclops Sisters” (or brothers) AKA HERMANAS CICLOPES (or hermanos). This was a nickname given to them by their uncle from Mexico. We believe in our Cyclops scientists, and we pray for their focus and wisdom.”

CHOIR stand up.  Two Scientists, Lab Man and Idea Girl go to front.


CHOIR LEADERS: “Hands up for the Cyclops! Manos arriba! Now you!”  (To audience and choir)---


CHOIR: “Manos arriba!” (Choir sits back down)


CYCLOPS SCIENTIST 1: “I am so glad, dear First Lady, that we could all get together in our LAB so quickly. Muy rapido.”


CYCLOPS SCIENTIST (2): “Si si, I am calling the POISON PREVENTION T and T central. Tengo un ojo!!! Un Ojo! HAHA  Hallo Hallo Hallo Jelly T and TBUUUUUUUUUZZZZ ugh…our communication lines are…..down!!”


CYCLOPS SCIENTIST 1: “Jellyfish really messed it all up! Even landlines? Not just the ocean! No lo puedo creer! Medusas malas!”


LAB MAN: “Hey dear Cyclops amigas (or amigos), we are here to help you guys work on this! TO STOP that evil amphibian jellyfish!!!”  


CYCLOPS 1: “Si Tadpole, let’s put on our glasses.” (They put on science glasses.)


CYCLOPS 2: “Mis gafas por favor! Hey Cyclops Hermana (or hermano), remember when we defeated la Llorona back in Mexico?”


CYCLOPS 1: “Si hermana. I remember like it was yesterday. We heard La Llorona by the river, and we started running like crazy.” (both run in place, physically reenacting the event. Funny.)


CYCLOPS 2: “I had said, ‘let’s run back to my room so I can look up Nanna’s Book of Magic that she left us when she died.’ Dear Nanna.”


CYCLOPS 1: “We found the book, gracias a Dios, flipping through the pages so fast, trying to find the antidote for La Llorona.” 


CYCLOPS 2: “And there it was: with the picture and all! (speak slowly with emphasis) Take garlic, eat at least one clove fast. Then breath out fast. Garlic breath gets rid of La Llorona.” (show it)


CYCLOPS 1: “Did you brush your teeth?  I guess not since La Llorona?! And we did it. Just like this (Act it out) But I got dizzy…” (Fall carefully on the floor.)


CYCLOPS 2: “And I helped you. I do remember that?”


CYCLOPS 1: “Yes you did. Are you gonna help me up now? Haha.”


CYCLOPS 2: “Let me think about it…” (funny, then helps her sister up)  “And do you remember the Chupacabra?”


CYCLOPS 1: “Yeah, ya!” (Getting busy in the lab, not interested. Idea Girl and Lab Man enter.)  “Let’s stop this chit-chat and get to trabajar. Our Lab Man and Idea Girl are here.”


CYCLOPS 1 and 2: “MANOS ARRIBA!” (Hands up-greeting.)


LAB MAN and IDEA GIRL: “MANOS ARRIBA!” (Greeting: hands up, then work together. Produce bubbles, make noise with tubes, science experiment in progress.)


NARRATOR 1: “Everyone else here, all the good citizens of Morajo and all of you here right now need to help our science team.  Can you HELP SAVE THE OCEAN? You ask how?  Well...  In Morajo, we believe in the power of SOUND MEDITATION. MEDITACION SONORA.  It is very similar to what many of you know as prayer….So all of you here, let’s use our Sound Meditation to help our science team right now! It goes like this:  AA EE II OO UUU!”  (Show movements with arms 4 times) “Follow me!” Narrator teaches the Choir and the audience 5 arm movements.


3  AEIOUniverse     (Loreta Kovacic, YouTube)

  SONG with movement (4 times with CHOIR and audience)     


CHOIR LEADERS go to the front row of the audience with arm movement: making letter shapes as you sing A E I O U. CHOIR and AUDIENCE (all) join in the song and movement.


NARRATOR 2: “Our Cyclops scientists are hard at work, experimenting with all kinds of crazy ingredients: hydrogen, garlic, POTIONS IN A BOTTLE, oxygen, magnum, etc.” (Science team make weird alchemist sounds: hmmmmm arrrr urh? Gh?  Make your own science research sounds with small instruments? Make bubbles.)


CHOIR LEADERS: “Let’s send some good vibes to our science team. Aaa eee iii ooo uuu. This will help our Cyclops in the lab.  Can we do it? Can they do it? Si se puede! Si se puede!” To audience: “Now you!”


CHOIR: “Si se puede! Si se puede!”


DRUMS announce discovery.  Cyclops drum on the table.


CYCLOPS WALKING PROP comes up front to the table.


CYCLOPS 1 + 2: “Eureka!” (Sing) “We found it! SI SI SI.”


LAB MAN: “What is it what is it?! Tell, tell, tell ussss! DINOS!” (Run around excited)


CYCLOPS 1: “I don’t know, he he. (joke) The secret ingredient is: GARLIC JUICE!” (Holds up garlic in his hand) “Just like my grandmother used to say. Garlic saves the day. Ajo Ajo!!! Thank you, Nanna! AJO FOR MORAJO!”


CHOIR LEADERS: “Great Job Cyclops!” (chant with drums) “AJO FOR MORAJO! AJO FOR MORAJO! Now You!” (to audience)


CHOIR:Ajo for Morajo, ajo for Morajo!”


LAB MAN: “Now we have to give it to the jellyfish somehow….PREGUNTAMOS A LA CHICA DE IDEAS?!!!”


IDEA  GIRL: “Hmmmmmmm (in deep thought, walking with a big book in unpredictable directions, then sits down in a thinking pose) Wait, how to do this. Hmmmm, Ajo in Morajo for Medusa no le gusta Ajo no me gusta Ajo. Me gusta sandia! (Read the book)  HA HA, I have an idea: a watermelon-eating contest! I see here (point in the book) that all these amphibians love competitions, and they are crazy for watermelon! Like totally crrraaazzzzy for it.” (Yells unrecognizable sound and jumps up. She walks to center stage with the Lab man.)


LAB MAN: (amorously, on his knee): “Oh mi lady, you make my heart sing. Or, as mi amigo Shakespeare would say using much better words, Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight! For I ne’er saw true beauty till this night!”


IDEA GIRL: “Mi Lord, perhaps this is not the right time? We need to get to work.” (a little embarrassed)


LAB MAN: (sits in the thinking chair, sings) “Work, work, work, work, work! Que hay de mi Corazon?! (Quotes Shakespeare) [Love me or hate me, both are in my favor-if you love me, I’ll always be in your heart-if you hate me, I’ll always be in your mind]-Shakespeare expressed long ago (staring at Idea girl, she helps him get up.  Now he is energized and ready to go back to work, looking on his phone). Yeah, I researched jelly fish in the Library with Senora Gonzales and with Senor Google, and I found that all amphibians and all jellyfish do not like garlic, then again, who does?!! So we can put the garlic potion inside the watermelon slices….yeah!  My mom used to do something like this. I can still remember that weird taste. Yyyuk.”


CHOIR LEADERS: “Great idea! GRAN IDEA! Now you!” (To audience)-




4 CYCLOPS DANCE instrumental      (Loreta Kovacic, YouTube)

Fade out.


-----------------------ALL EXIT / CURTAIN----------------------

                    ---ACT 2: Watermelon Contest---

All are on stage.

CHOIR is SITTING in a circle.  Crew changes Science Lab table to WATERMELON CONTEST table with props and poster.


NARRATOR 2:The Evil jellyfish seem to be coming… They heard about the watermelon contest on Instagram!”


AMPHYBIAN JELLYFISH 1 and 2: enter dancing in a chaotic, jelly way:  act- sing –dance. They walk into the audience after the first verse.


CHOIR: evil laughs on a count by CHOIR LEADER 123: HAHAHAHA…


5 EVIL JELLYFISH SONG (Loreta Kovacic, YouTube) 


EVIL JELLYFISH 1 & 2: (evil lough) “Ha ha ha uahgagahahahh! We are vicious!”   (Act, act, act; move arms and legs like jellyfish.)


CHOIR: “Jellyfish glow evil queens; they’re the greatest ones you’ve ever seen.”


EJF 1 (sings) EJF 2 (talks): “This land is hostile, not welcoming at all, unfriendly bush and brush. You can’t go for a stroll, not at all.”


EJF 1: “Yet this is where you find the most amazing creatures. They fly you up to Mars or maybe to a local jail. They might, just as well!”


EJF 2 (speak): “Like my friend Stew, the snazzy snake fish unicorn.”


EJF 1 & 2 (sing): “We all could have been somebody the chorus sings.”        




EJF 1 & 2: “But they’re just damaged goods compared to us, superb jellyfish.”   (talk) “That’s us. Yes!”


EJF 1: “Humanity look at me… Humanity, how I love you still.”


EJF 1 & 2: (jelly evil laugh, jelly talk, sing, improv.) 


CHOIR: evil laughs on a count 123 by CHOIR LEADER: “HAHAHA!”


CHOIR with EJF 1 & 2:

“So, let’s put our slimy parts on….with tentacles and all, cause under this heavenly umbrella the sky’s about to turn black…. I’ll put on my jellyfish shirt, then I womp and wobble, then I gurst and gobble, like a soulful jellyfish glow…”


CHOIR LEADERS count 123 CHOIR evil laughs.


 EJF 1 & 2: (talk) “Sikaya….” (improv. Sing, talk and evil laughter)


NARRATOR 3: “Despite all of this wobble and evil jellyfish talk, the Cyclops invite them to the table…A LA MESA.”


EVIL JELLYFISH 1: “OH! How we love competitions… and we love to win!  NOS ENCANTA GANAR!!!!”


EJF 2: “OH! How we love watermelon too…it is so juicy! QUIERO SANDIA!!”


NARRATOR 3:Everyone sit or stand around the table, while the Cyclops get ready to start the contest.”


CHOIR sits and stands around the table.


CYCLOPS (2): “Start now! (Everyone eats fast. All are eating real watermelon slices.) and the winner is: LAB MAN! He ate the most!”


CHOIR LEADER: “Great job, LAB MAN!  Now You!”

CHOIR: “Great job, LAB MAN!” (Applause)


NARRATOR 3: “After they ate the watermelon, the two jellyfish suddenly feel strange…SENTIRSE RARO…”


EJF (1): “Oh, I feel so strange, I feel like I want to dance now….QUIERO BAILAR! I want to be on “Dancing with Stars.”


EJF 2: “Yeah me too, and I don’t even care that we did not win! I just want to kiss the winner…”

(EJF tries to kiss LAB MAN, runs after him, then TRANSFORMS gradually- in a very theatrical way: act, act, act!)


6 WELCOME TO THEATER DANCE (Loreta Kovacic, YouTube)    


CHOIR stand up and free dance to the song. Fade out.


CYCLOPS WALKING PROP dances to front then goes dancing into the audience.


Two jellies and two Cyclops dance to the music as partners on center stage. Dance-act.


Evil jellyfish now dance while dramatically taking off their black clothes, glasses, and hats. They have white (or regular) clothes underneath, so that now they become completely white (or regular).


EJF 1: “I feel like a normal jelly fish again!”


NARRATOR 2: “Oh, our amphibian jellyfish, our MEDUSAS, look like normal jellyfish again. They are totally transformed! From now on, they will continue cleaning the ocean, not polluting it!”



CHOIR: “Manos arriba!”


NARRATOR 2:As you can see, things are good in Morajo again. Everyone is celebrating now, and everyone knows how to dance the famous Cyclops dance: like this in 6 movements” (show movement)


Choir is learning the movements with the Narrator. CHOIR LEADERS ask audience to stand up and learn.




1 Hands crisscross, rock front and back.

2 Hands up

3 Cyclops eye turn around

4 Boogie--side to side

5 Yee-haw-- hold on suspenders foot in front

6 Free style: dance your own style (the crowd favorite!).


CHOIR and the AUDIENCE all dance.

CYCLOPS WALKING PROP comes up front to dance then goes into the audience.

CHOIR LEADERS join the audience front row.


7   CYCLOPS DANCE  (Loreta Kovacic, YouTube)

Dance the Cyclops dance in six movements:


1 (hands crisscross, rock front and back)                      2

CYCLOPS :  We are the Cyclops, we live to play. //Hands up  (now you)..MANOS ARRIBA..//     1                                            2

We love Morajo land, ho ho he hey. //Hands up…MANOS ARRIBA…//                                                                 

                      3                                     2

//Let’s do the Cyclops dance// Hands up!//

CHOIR : //Let’s do the Cyclops dance.// Hands up //  

                            4                                                     5

CYCLOPS: //Boogie boogie boogie boogie//  Yee-haw //

CHOIR: //Boogie boogie boogie boogie//  Yee-haw //


CHOIR LEADER: Free style! (all dance individually)


CYCLOPS :  We are the Cyclops, we live to play. //Hands up  (now you)..MANOS ARRIBA..//

We love Morajo land, ho ho he hey. //Hands up…MANOS ARRIBA…//                                    


Audience sits down. All FREEZE with HANDS UP until the end when they bow together and put hands down. Idea Girl, Lab Man, Narrator and First Lady all move to center front stage.


IDEA GIRL: “From now on, our evil jellyfish is once again just a plankton, an ocean drifter who is stinging and sticky and can hurt you a little…but not much…and all in all, it is another small but significant part of our planet’s life cycle….”


LAB MAN: “Not really capable of doing any harm and not at all capable of polluting our ocean like some of us humans are.” (They hug)


NARRATOR 2: “Yes, all is good with the jellyfish, but we call for further action from you people. More than one bay in Morajo is still polluted but not by jellyfish. . . by us, humans…NOSOTROS HUMANOS!! So- help save el oceano. Please.” (Narrator and First Lady hug.)




                                 ------------------THE END ------------------



At the end, Choir Leaders can ask the audience if they remember the “Cyclops Dance.” All can dance it again. (optional)


SET= 6 items:

1. BIG TABLE folding table used for Lab, Contest, and as a DRUM.

2. POSTER double sided: one side is for the SCIENCE LAB, and the other side is for the WATERMELON CONTEST.


First act science lab props: table cloth. Bubbles, tubes, big book, bottles

Second act watermelon contest props: garlic, watermelon, plates, napkins, big tray.

4. ISLAND PROPS: palm tree, any trees, beach chairs, beach balls etc.

5. CYCLOPS WALKING PROP for adult or big kid made by students.

6. COSTUME BOX: 4 lab coats for 2 Cyclops, lab man, and idea girl.

2 glasses for Cyclops

2 Cyclops eye hats, Queen crown and gold Cape    
   for the First Lady. 

*Narrators, choir leaders, and crew dress in jeans
  and tie die T-shirts with beach glasses and hats.   
  Evil jellyfish: black robes and black skirts with
  black feather hats.



USB with all songs for the SOUND TECH: transferred from YouTube.

3 mikes: 2 cordless: jellyfish and Cyclops share, lab man and idea girl share

1 Stationary mike center stage for Narrators and the First Lady of Morajo. Choir Leaders do not use mikes: they speak in loud voices.



1. WELCOME TO THEATER (start after chant)

2. SOLO SONG  (“Part of your world” or any Broadway song)


4. CYCLOPS DANCE instrumental  (end of Act 1)




 Evil Jelly Fish John at Esperanza performance

Evil Jelly Fish John at Esperanza performance


”SPACE WIGGS”, One act Comedy with Music

 Space Wiggs title

Space Wiggs title

This 40 min. one act comedy with music is written for Middle School or High School actors to perform for young audience. This NASA inspired play celebrates scientific discovery and space exploration.  Original music (11 songs) for the play has all been published on YouTube. This comedy is educational, fun and interactive, it invites the audience to participate in movement songs.

There are 8 acting roles plus a chorus: 3 Male, 3 Female and 2 Unisex. Role of Ruben is bilingual, he speaks both Spanish and English: but any actor, including those who do not speak any Spanish, can learn a few short phrases in Spanish.  Chorus includes all actors and crew plus as many as 10 more extras: space bunnies/conference people. 7 Crew members include: Sound Tech, Light Tech, Director, Stage manager, Props, Costumes, and Makeup manager.



1 Alice, F: an optimist, extrovert, funny, loves science, adventurer, likes Tesla and Ruben,

2 Claire, F: still sad about loosing her mom, introvert, loves science.

3 Ruben, M: bilingual, from Mexico, sad about loosing his mom, likes Alice, loves science

4 Alice’s mom Bella, F: funny, unique, opera composer, young at heart.

5 Dad Bobby, M: funny, protective, carpenter from Texas

6 BT, Unisex: cosmophonic scientist, theremin player, space musician, unique, awesome, dances like a robot.

7 Space bunny, Unisex: Choir leader, loud, dancer, people person.

8 Dr. John, M: great NASA telescope scientist, workaholic, amazing person.

9,10  optional: 2 aliens, U,  non-speaking, hiding in the audience role. They can be real: two volunteer parents or teachers, or they could be just imaginary aliens.

Chorus: All actors and crew plus more space bunnies/space conference people.



This play is about the “Space Wiggs”, the secret society of small town children and two quirky parents who end up traveling to a Space Conference in Houston.  They meet two famous NASA scientists: BT and Dr. John. At the Space Conference they all become a part of historic secret event during which they help negotiate intergalactic peace.  As a result, SpaceWiggs receive NASA’s badge of honor. BT uses an unusual musical instrument for his “cosmophonic communication”, the theremin.  Theremin can be substituted with small Electronic Keyboard in a smaller budget production, but in every show, theremin draws a crowd of both children and adults who are curious about its unusual sound production and anxious to try it themselves after show.


HISTORY of this play:

First “Space Wigg” play was commissioned and produced at CAMH in Houston in 2009. Joe Parani was BT, the cosmophonic scientist from NASA. It was followed by three more plays that were produced at Discovery Green and later at Esperanza School in Houston in 2014. All 11 original songs were recorded at SugarHill studio in Houston with engineer Andy Bradley, a Space Wigg himself. 

Special thanks to a very special NASA scientist who played his own home-made theremin in recordings and also gave informative and funny short history of Space Exploration in his “Astronaut Talk”.  He is the well-known space flight trainer from Jersey, Joe Parani. Both kids and parents enjoy his NASA educational talk in shows.

Theremin produces cool spacy sounds that make up the atmosphere in most of the songs in this play. Thanks to Joe Parani, some of the Space Wigg music has been played on the International Space Station while in orbit.


---------------Act 1- ALICE’S HOUSE---------------


-----Alpine TX, kitchen, Scene 1-----


1 COUNTRY RADIO music (no Trouble in Texas)


Kitchen table is in the middle, with a computer, surrounded with 2 or more chairs.

Alice and her father are in their Alpine Texas kitchen, and the old country song playing on the radio. Alice’s father is slouching on a kitchen chair after a major car accident. Alice was in the car but was uninjured, magically.


FATHER:  “Alice dear could you get me a glass of water, he points with his crutch…and shut off that music honey.”


ALICE: “Sure dad. Goes to computer to turn it off. Hope you feel better and your hip is mending…”


FATHER: “Yes dear, it will all get better with time. That physical therapy is killer. Can’t wait to go today again. How are things with you in school? Where did you get that ring?”


ALICE: “A boy asked me out. He gave me the ring.”


FATHER:  “What’s his name?”


ALICE: “Ruben.”


FATHER: “And what did you say?”


ALICE: “That I am not interested.”


FATHER:  “That’s my girl…Yeah I tried to switch you from Special Ed to that 503 or whatever its called but those people don’t respond…I don’t know, our public education is no bueno…You said you needed more time on tests because of your dyslexia. Remember?”


ALICE: “Yeah, yeah, dad…” (She is not interested, looking at her phone).

Alice is a Texas girl, wears cool boots, and yes, she loves sparkly accessories like rhinestones. She is addicted to bubble tea and Anything Space Science. Everything was fine except for one thing. Alice has never been anywhere outside Texas. Alice really wanted to go to Europe, so she begs and begs, but her parents are not convinced.


MOM enters and sits at the table, while father is trying to exercise and walk with crutches.


ALICE: “Mom, Dad, how about this year? You take me to London! It’s so wonderful, I hear.”


MOM: “If you mean Paris Texas dear Alice, I am all for it. They have great theater and gelato there I hear. Better then in London England! Plus I am too busy writing my new opera.” She is carrying a big folder with her music manuscripts (and a melodica or a toy piano)…She puts it all on the kitchen table. Dad is curious about it. She goes to make tea at the stove or microwave.


ALICE: “Mom, you know it’s not true. London has the best theatre in the world! The Globe!”


MOM: “You know I would love to go, but I need to finish this opera…The president is walking in the scene right now and he is singing in Russian to a gold statue of himself. It’s so funny! Dad is pretending to sing to an imaginary statue.  Thanks God for Mr. Google.” (Weird lough)


DAD (making a physical sign towards mom, like she is “cray-cray”): “Alice, we don’t have the kind of money that we need to pay for those crazy air fares. We can go to Padre Island ten times for the same price as one of those crazy European trips… Plus, I am not sure if I am good enough to go that far, with crutches…”


ALICE: “Can we go to Houston then? It’s only 12 hour drive…or 9 hours if mom is driving. (haha) I wanna visit Johnston Space Center.”


DAD: “Alice honey, I think for now it’s best if you go to your room and finish your home work or work on that “secret” SpaceWigg stuff…but soon, soon we will take a trip to Houston.”


ALICE (sadly): “Ok, I’ll go to my room…so no London, no Europe, but Dad…”(moves slowly, comes back.)


MOM (stops her):  “There’s no trouble here in Texas dear. It’s all good here! We know how sad it was for our grandparents in the old Balkans. Dark ol’ Country, that’s where they came from…No one ever smiled back in the old country. Alice, you gotta believe us! When they landed here in West Texas, they made up this song and then they used to sing it to us kids at every family gathering.”


2 NO TROUBLE IN TEXAS    (Loreta Kovacic, YouTube)

Mom and Dad sing along then exit.

Growing up in the Balkans I dreamed of being a cowgirl in Texas YEHAAW, Balkans was so sad and dark there was no smiles in a million miles SO SAD, but Texas seemed so fun full of cowboys and stars so I packed my bags and I headed there where rhinestones shine everywhere…

There’s no trouble in Texas, only yellow roses bloom there is no trouble in Texas, gee I hope I’ll be there soon,

There’s no trouble in Texas, only yellow……(repeat)

gee I hope you’ll be there soon.

when I left that dark old Balkans with my head full of hope, I had with me my Slavic blues then I switched to honkey tonk, Prairie is my companion and my good old Texas friend, sun is shining down on us and I am born again

talk:  It’s been a long time since I first came to Texas…gee I had black hair, black teeth, nice little mustache and a unibrow, I carried a proscciutto under my arm and I used my hands only to eat with but look at me now, look how great I am: I use utensils and I have grown into this sophisticated Texan

People here in Texas they have a good old smile, we have the best of everything in our own back yards and if you did even deeper, then you may strike black gold, oh it’s so easy to feel good in this little neighborhood, it’s so good that I can smile so good bye old Balkans good bye

there’s no trouble in Texas….


Change scene to Alice’s Room.



------------Alice’s room, Scene 2-------------


Bed is in the corner, can be a mattress on the floor. There is a computer, several large moon rocks, Tesla poster in the center and Altar shelf with some candles on it. Alice is in her room where she is making an art project, home made moon rocks from newspaper, cellophane, and aluminum foil.  She was always busy doing artwork since early age. Her friend Claire, a tall, serious and somewhat sad looking girl walks in.


CLAIRE:  “Can we do this together? She brings homemade moon rocks in her backpack. She puts them the middle of the floor. Our Space Wigg project?”


ALICE:  “Of course! Hugs Claire. These look very fine. Magic moon rocks… I think we need to make some more moon rocks?”


CLAIRE:  “Sure. You’re working on your room again? Did you try contacting those aliens again? Have you heard of NASA’s new telescope, the JAMES WEBB Telescope. It can eat Hubble for lunch.”


ALICE:  “Yeah I heard. Pretty great stuff.  It’s gonna take pictures from above the Moon.. Hey Claire, how are you doing these days? You said you are lonely….since your mother died…How are things?”


CLAIRE is staring at her phone.


ALICE: “Claire, are you there?”


ALICE: “There is an emptiness I cannot describe…I miss my mom so much. I feel so alone. I am the queen of the island of the lost souls….Lady Byrd.”


3 SLAVIC BLUES (Loreta Kovacic, YouTube)

The two girls make moon rocks and do a strange Space Wigg ceremony making uuuuu sounds.


I will make me an island for my soul for which many a waters cannot overflow. I’m the queen of the island of the lost souls. Mmmmmmm.

We are the insulted and injured. Humanity, humanity… Lady Bird has a yellow eye, she flies high, she flies high.

I’m the queen of the island of the lost souls. Mmmmmmmm.

Finally I ran into a Lady Byrd. She took me to her holy nest and she gave me the wings, and she gave me the wings. Lady Byrd has a yellow eye and she flies high, she flies high.

I will make me an island for my soul.     Piano….

This island is full of people like me curled up in their misery. Just hoping that she’ll see them, we’re all hoping that she sees us, as she passes by, as she passes by…

I’m the queen of the island of the lost souls.


ALICE is staring at her Tesla poster: “I am so sorry about your loss. But you have to pick up and think about the new day…Every day you have to rise up and find your self Claire! You are no longer alone. You are the SpaceWigg. You are my best friend. I found you!”


CLAIRE (looking at Alice’s Tesla poster): “You mean like you found Tesla?”


ALICE: “Yeah exactly…(acting like a pigeon). I am his bird, Claire. (Claire makes fun of her pigeon movements). He is my magic guru Claire…stop making fun of me, Claire.”


CLAIRE: “Ok ok…Let’s make some moon rocks, Alice.” They sit next to the big moon rocks while they make moon rocks and make sounds with the song. Alice sings along with the song. She sings to her ‘boyfriend” Tesla, the poster.


 4 TESLA LOVE   (Loreta Kovacic, YouTube)

Tesla spoke to me in my dreams about his village Smiljane and how beautiful the snowflakes are and how violent the wars are killing our Balkans like electricity, like electricity…His girlfriend had a pet mouse, her hair was his house, and when she came to Tesla’s door, sparks flew everywhere, sparks flew more and more and more…

Love is like a fire, rushing with desire, (repeat 4 x)

gori vatra sad u nama gori ljubav… is burning inside us , inside us…….

but we have a mind…and it stops us right there between our stare, between our stare…and it stops us right there between your eyes between your eyes….


Tesla spoke to me….(repeat)


CLAIRE: “So have you made our SPACE WIGG robes?”


ALICE: “Yeah I did that two days ago…(She brings the robes from the shelf.) Here they are. And I also made a new chant for our secret society. It promotes peace and extraterrestrial communication. It’s a simple A E I O U.”




ALICE: “Yes but you have to use your arms. Make shapes of these letters above your head. Like this.” She shows it.  Claire follows.


CLAIRE and ALICE now to audience: “Now you! Follow us.”


5 AEIOU  by Loreta Kovacic, YouTube.

Song with movement.


CLAIRE: “Hey I saw that boy Ruben on the way here. He said he has something for you. Is he coming over?”


ALICE is looking at her phone text messages: “Yeah it looks like he is on his way here.”


CLAIRE: “Is he gonna join Space Wiggs?”


ALICE: “Yeah I think he is a candidate. He is really into astronomy and he wants to be an astrophysicist. He a little weird…and sad like you Claire.  His mom was deported to Mexico so now he lives with his dad only. He misses his mom…Sometimes he speaks Spanish to me. Esto me gusta mucho.”


CLAIRE: “What you said?”


ALICE: “I like Spanish a lot. Especially when Ruben taught me a few bad words in Spanish. He learned it from his cousin in Mexico. Like…”


CLAIRE stops her: “No, don’t. Haha. Hey Alice, can you do your pigeon talk. That thing you say to Tesla?”


ALICE: “Ok. But don’t make fun of me. Chanting: Guy hulu ga gugu huuuu. I sing to the sky a song that will never die. Guy hulu ga gugu huuu…”

Ruben walks in with a cool looking backpack.


ALICE: “Oh hola Ruben! What brings you?”


RUBEN: “Guys, I know about your secret society and I want to join in. Quiero unirme. Alice I recorded some stuff for you from NASA TV. It’s Dr. John. He talks about Hubble and communicacion en el espacio exterior. He hands her the recording. Are you feeling better Claire?”


CLAIRE: “Yeah you are one of us Ruben. No, I am still sad.”  Ruben hugs her.


RUBEN: “I get you amiga…Estoy muy triste tambien. Hey I think yo puedo ayudarte, Claire.

We can make an oltar for your Mom.. Dia de los Muertos is around the corener. It is a fantastic tradition en mi paes. Mexico.”


ALICE: “Guys, what are you making?”


CLAIRE: “Ruben is helping me assemble some items for my small Dia de Los Muertos altar for my mom.”


RUBEN: “You have a picture of your mom? Here is some papel picado. I happen to have some in my backpack, I got it for an altar at mi casa… You brought her favorite comida? What did she love to eat?”


CLAIRE: “Yeah, I carry my mom’s picture in my purse…and my stuffed animal too… She loved pretzels and tea. Alice can you go see if you have some in your kitchen. Alice comes back with the goods.”


RUBEN: “All of this will bring your mom’s soul here and it will make her muy feliz. Su alma regresara para una visita.”


CLAIRE: “Some candles would be nice too? Alice do you have candles? Alice looks and finds some.”


RUBEN: “Si amiga! Las velas iluminan su camino. This is how we can communicate with loved ones. It’s my tradition’s view on the Universe….como entender el universe.”


ALICE: “Ruben, you know there are really bad things happening around us: many immigrant children have been separated from their parents and are detained in a camp not too far from here.”


RUBEN: “I know and it makes me wonder about the state of our humanity today?! Donde es la humanidad en este mundo? Dios mio, please reunite those children with their parents and give them a decent place to live, and for me, please bring back mi madre, and take away mi dolor.”

Three friends work together at the altar, decorating it with all they have gathered.


ALICE, the optimist: “Ok guys, let’s direct our heads up towards the stars, towards the light, let’s get back to our Space Wigg secret society meeting….Ruben, You are in, you are now one of us. You are the Space Wigg. Hands him the robe. We are the Space Wiggs. Here is our anthem we made up recently…Hands him 2 moon rocks. Hold these moon rocks.”


6 SPACE WIGGS by Loreta Kovacic,  YouTube.

Song with movement for all Space Wiggs.


Space wiggs, we are the Space wiggs, and        we like, we like the space stuff.

Make a letter S with Right Arm and foot in front and Left in the back while shaking rhythmically.       Switch arms and feet.

Welcome to our moon rocks     universe.

Make a letter W with arms above head while shaking rhythmically.  Move arms up from praying position near belly to above the head.

In reality, we are just space enthusiasts, you don’t get too far if you just dream. You gotta produce something good, something good, like MOON ROCKS…

Pretend talk to each other.

RUBEN: “Grazias amigas. Thanks for your welcome.”


ALICE: “It’s our pleasure, Ruben.”


RUBEN: “On NASA TV I heard Dr. John talk about HUBBLE.  That’s when I decided that when I grow up I wanna  be an astrophysicist or maybe robotics engineer.”


ALICE: “Yeah, I know that the name Hubble came from an astrophysicist who discovered that universe expands…Astrophysicists are out there, because their thoughts are expansive like the universe. Uuu  Here in Alpine, we love to watch the stars…Sometimes they are so close…


RUBEN: “When I was young I wanted to see the moon much closer. My abuela gave me the moon for my birthday once. I thought I owned it for a while…Oh mi luna! That’s why I’ve been building my own telescope for years now.”


ALICE: “Ha! My boyfriend Mr. Google told me all about Hubble the great telescope and now the new bigger and better one is coming…Look here!” She shows him stuff on her phone during song.


 7 HUBBLE by Loreta Kovacic,   YouTube.

(music with BT on therimin and a melodica wigg)

Astrophysicists are people who study the stars

And want to see them closer and closer

So they invented a great Hubble telescope

Space wiggs () :Hubble sounds like bubble, H U B B L E (four times)

Education and technology for one common passion

To explore the sky to explore the sky

We can see it in the eye of Dr. John from NASA, he’s that astrophysicists that studies the stars, and wants to see them closer and closer…

Space wiggs: Hubble sounds like bubble, H U B B L E (four times)


CLAIRE: “Hey I hear something. Over there… Show yourselves whoever you are. You look like… Angels who need plastic surgery… No wait. You look like Space bunnies?”  

They scramble towards stage Left or Right.  There are strange bunny ears and antennae peaking through. Space bunnies come in with flare and curiosity.  They move elegantly, in dance-like manner and they introduce themselves in a funny high pitch voices.


RUBEN: “Wow, you guys got some moves.”


SPACE BUNNY: “Hi guys, we are space bunnies from Balvaria via Houston. Our antennae picked up some high pitch communication sounds… We came to help.”


CLAIRE: “How can you help? You know how to heal a broken heart?”


ALICE: “You know how to contact those Aliens? The two we communicated with before…”


SPACE BUNNY and the CHORUS: “Aha yes da si yaya oui (speaking all languages) but you guys will have to come with us. We are going to a fantastic Space Conference in Houston. We think it would be very auspicious. Very beneficial! We are inviting all of you.”


CLAIRE: “Alice go call your parents! But I don’t think I can go…”


ALICE: “This is my dream come true. We are traveling!!!! The best day of my life!

C’mon Claire, you need to wake up! Of course you are going. And by the way, why are you wearing the same wig every day?”


CLAIRE: “Me?” Touching her real hair. Confused.


ALICE: “Is this gonna be a free trip? Cause my parents never have money for traveling…How long would it take?”


SPACE BUNNY: “Yes, of course it’s free and we have a supersonic bus that will take us there very fast. Or do you prefer our space travel trampoline?”


CLAIRE: “Whaaat?”


RUBEN: “Yeah. Me gusta trampolina!”


ALICE: “Mom! Dad!  We cannot miss out on this opportunity…Vamonos a Houston!”

Mom and dad come in confused.


DAD: “For god sake what’s going on here. Alice, que passo?”


ALICE: “We are going to Houston Space Conference. Here put on these Space Wigg robes right now. She puts robes on them.  Claire, lets take our moon rocks.”  She starts packing them into Claire’s and Ruben’s backpacks.


MOM: “Where we going? Will there be music there?”


SPACE BUNNY: “Of course, mamasita darling. Our famous Cyclops scientist plays a space theremin. You will love it. 


MOM: “What’s a space theremin? Ok I am in. She is eating a piece of candy. She makes a disgusted face. Oh man, this candy looks weird, its half eaten.  Oh well, I will eat it anyways. Bobby dear, I think I just shared a candy with a roach.”


DAD: “It’s all good, Bella honey, you’ll survive.  Roaches are friends… Space Bunnies too. Hey Bunny can I still go with these crutches?


SPACE BUNNY: “Don’t worry Pappa, our Space Trampoline makes a microgravity type weightlessness. You will feel light and I promise, you will not feel any pain!”


DAD: “Oh I guess I am safe then?”


SPACE BUNNY: “Are you an undertaker or a Safety manager?”


DAD: “Hmmm….I still got it baby. Let’s go everybody!”

They get ready for the trip during song and then jump away on a “space trampoline”.


8 SPACE BUNNIES by Loreta Kovacic, YouTube


     Bunnies jump from planes, to catch a secret box, they hang upside down, to mystify a fox, bunnies take a bug pet out for a walk and spin, and in their big old purses, they carry a trampoline, they carry a trampoline. Cute little bunnies, cute little bunnies  

    Bunnies go up in space together with cats and mice, bunnies do a hula dance, but not real bunnies, not real bunnies, not real bunnies, cause in my book of bunnies, they can do all these things, those cute little bunnies, those cute little bunnies….

    Bunnies ride on butterflies, run with zebras up a tree, they can juggle with beans, they can juggle with beans, there’s nothing that bunnies can’t do in their dreams, there’s nothing that bunnies can’t do in their dreams.  Those cute little bunnies, cute little bunnies… 


 Space Wiggs at Discovery Green with NASA

Space Wiggs at Discovery Green with NASA



      ----------Act 2: SPACE CONFERENCE-----------


Featuring 2 booths in front stage next to each other: one is “cosmpophonic communication” with cosmophonic astrobiologist BROTHER TADPOLE, who plays his theremin cosmophone, and NASA astrophysicist Dr. John, who is in charge of the NASA telescopes: Hubble and James Webb telescopes.  The other is SPACE WIGGS with their moon rocks. Some Space Bunnies are now Conference participants wearing regular clothes walking by the two booths. Alice and her mom go to BT who is playing his space theremin music on a small synthesizer or on a theremin.


MOM: “Good day BT. I see that you are (reading his tag) cosmophonic astrobiologist. And those interesting sounds you are making!”


BT: “Yaya they are my newest cosmophonic sounds dedicated to space communication.”


MOM: “And what do you call this instrument?”


BT plays a short song: “Weel, I used to call it a space theremin, but it evolved into this cosmophone.”


MOM: “Yes I studied Ancient Greek and I know “phone” (with the accent on e, not phone like telephone) means sound. And Cosmos. Cosmophone. It’s a very nice sounding instrument.

She tries to play along with him on her melodica or she tries to sing along with his space sounds.”


DAD: “I am just curious, how did you build this instrument?”


BT: “When I started communicating with outer space, I made a home made space theremin from a kit I bought on ebay.  Now I can produce the same sound with this synthesizer (or with this newer version theremin) .  My thing always was cosmophonic communication with outer space…but now I work for NASA. I guess I came a long way…I work here with such great people, like Dr. John, the telescope guy.”


ALICE: “We are the SpaceWiggs, and we are working on the same thing: extraterrestrial communication.  We were able to communicate with two very strange aliens once. We used Ruben’s home made telescope.  But nobody would believe us…”


MOM: “As they say (showing crazy sign)


ALICE: “So BT, could you tell us how all this space exploration got started?”


BT: “Ok I will give you a little history of Space exploration guys. I recorded it here. Please sit down and enjoy.”

During this story, everyone except Dr. John who is working on his computer, sits down on the floor to listen.  Space Wiggs pretend that they are floating in orbit with their body movement. Then they lay down to look up at the stars with their home-made telescopes. After this they go into the audience with big beach ball planets to play with the audience. BT does a bit of his best robot dance.


9 ASTRONAUT TALK by Loreta Kovacic, YouTube

But it s1903 - A Russian boy Konstantin tsee-ohl-KAHV-skee dreamed about space… he stayed in school and worked really hard and wrote the first book that dealt with space exploration -  Exploration of Cosmic Space by Means of Reaction Devices


1926 American Robert Goddard flies the first successful liquid fueled rockets.

1928 Austrian Herman Potocnik starts thinking about how space can be used for scientific experiments to make the world a better place.

1933 a group of Russian engineers lead by Sergey Korolev launch the first Russian liquid fueled rocket… remember that name too!  Sergey Korolev is a really important guy in space history.

The same year, German Wernher VonBraun designs rockets that lead to a really good rocket called the V2.  Remember that name - Von Braun. We will talk about him again.

1942 Von Braun’s V2 rocket reaches the edge of space…  Von Braun worked hard in school and found that math and science helped him figure all of this out - it was really fun.

1946 Americans use the V2 rocket to come up with their own rocket and they reach the edge of space.

That same year the first pictures of the earth are taken. Guess what: the Earth isn’t flat, it’s round!  Some people still believe the earth is flat… Those people probably didn’t try hard in school.

The next year 1947 the first animals fly in space… do you know what the first animals were?  Fruit flies… With a couple kernels of corn!

October 4th 1957 the first artificial Satellite signals from space Sputnik, designed by the chief!  Sergie Korolev.

The space race is starting up… who will win the space race?

Later that year - dogs win the space race as Laika orbits the earth.

1959 first impact to another world. The Russians land a space ship on the moon and take pictures of the other side of the moon inspiring a top-noch rock and roll album…  Sergei Korolev was the lead engineer…

1960 First launch and return from space of animals.

1961 President John F Kennedy says “we do these things not because they are easy but because they are hard!”

April 12 1961 20 years after the first rocket makes it to space.  A human takes a ride.  Russian Yuri Gagarin orbits the earth and returns safely.

One month later American Alan Shepherd is the first American in space… that’s why they call it a race.

1962 Canada shoots off a Satellite.  I can finally see hockey games in New Jersey.

That same year   the US sends a space ship past Venus.

The next year 1963 the Russians put the first woman in space Valentina Tereshkova.  She worked hard in school and it helped her learn how to fly in space.

1965 the Russians make the first space walk.

Late 1960s the Americans and Russians trade advancements in space exploration: first space docking (US) unmanned rendezvous and docking (RS), first orbit of moon (US), first crew exchange (RS).

July 21 1969 Apollo lands on the moon Neil Armstrong steps onto the moons surface: “That’s one small step for man - one giant leap for mankind!”

1970 first lunar rover setting the stage form intergalactic traffic jams.

1971 Russian Salyut is the first space station.

1981 first shuttle flight.

1986 Mir space station is launched.  It stays in orbit an incredible 15 years.

1990 Hubble space telescope is launched. Hubble, Hubble, it sounds like bubble!

Nov 2nd 2000 the first international space crew arrives on the international space station.  After all these years, those competing in the space race work together to explore space in unison.  The Space station is actively supporting science experiments right now in orbit… every so often you can look in the evening sky and see it fly overhead.

October 2009 the secret space society - Space Wiggs were born.


SPACE BUNNY:  All applause.


BT: “Excuse me guys…I will continue playing my cosmophone. Sending the message out there again.”  He plays.


RUBEN: “Dr. John, is this the prototype of your newest telescope? Looking at it with curiosity. I built a home made one similar to this. So glad to see it! Estoy tan feliz de verlo.”


DR. JOHN: “Yes. This is the prototype of James Webb telescope we are working on at NASA.

Guys come here…my sound search detected some strange noise!” Space Wiggs and BT come around Dr. John’s computer.

BT: “Here, here, guys. I see an image! WOW we have a picture! Our telescope recorded a picture!!!”


ALICE: “Of those two aliens.”


RUBEN: “Are they the same ones?”


ALICE:  “?”


DR JOHN: “They are sending us a sound message… This is historic. Wow. The first alien communication in the history of the WORLD!”


MOM: “Oh dear…I’m gonna faint.”  Dad hugs her.  “I am changing the name of my Opera to Space Wiggs!”


DR JOHN: “Our telescope recorded a sound message from the aliens.  I don’t understand…what are they saying?”


BT: “Let’s listen.”  All listen intently.


10 ALIENS by  Loreta Kovacic, YouTube.

Give us our picture back. Give us our picture back….            


BT: “Ok. They want their picture back. And I think… I think the rest of the sound message means that they want this to be a secret. Or else…”


ALICE: “They will declare war?”


CLAIRE: “Ha. And we can fight back!! With our weapons of mass destruction!”


RUBEN: “Are you loca? Why? Por-que? La Guerra?”


ALICE: “Let’s do our chant. For peace and extraterrestrial communication: A E I O Uuu now you (to all: choir and audience): A E I O Uuu.


DR JOHN: “Of course we do not want war. We want a peaceful solution.”


CLAIRE: “Yes…. A peaceful solution… sorry, guys. It was my temporary madness…”


MOM: “We cannot tell anyone. Not our president, not anybody!”


DAD: “Sure thing Bella. We can keep a secret right?” (To audience)


DR JOHN: “They are coming. Oh they are here.”  Looks into the audience. “Do you guys see them?”

Everyone looks into the audience for the two aliens.

ALICE: That alien over there is soooo funny looking. He looks like a big grasshopper.”


BT: “Walks into the audience. Is it these two?” (They are the wrong ones)


DR JOHN: “I am erasing the picture. Trying to send them proof of this action now.” All keep looking for two aliens.


ALICE: “We have a message for the two Aliens. We want to preserve intergalactic peace.  We have to do our best to preserve intergalactic peace. Always.” They play this from their computer.


11 INTERGALLACTIC PEACE by Loreta Kovacic, YouTube

Song with movement. Space Wiggs go up front.

Hello Houston, we have  - a problem. 

Right Hand with phone to the ear with opposite leg front, then same starting with LH. Touch head with both hands move head R-L with legs doing the same.


We have to do our best to preserve intergalactic  -   peace.

Hands in praying position from the belly to above head in shaking rhythm.

Make a large circle with two hands showing peace sign while legs are still.


Option 1:

The two aliens can be in the last row and can now go towards the Theater front door to sneak out.  Right before exiting, they are discovered by the actors and the audience.


Option 2:

The two aliens never existed in the audience. They were just an image in our heads.


BT: “Good bye Aliens, it was nice to see you! I will play you a goodbye melody.” He plays his theremin goodbye sounds.


ALICE: “Those two aliens sure left in a hurry.”


RUBEN: “I wish I could have seen them closer.”


MOM: “And closer…” (Sings)


DAD: “Oh well, it remains our little secret? Repeat after me: It remains our little secret. Now you.”  (To audience)


SPACE BUNNY and CHOIR: “Psssst. It remains our little secret. Psssst.”


SPACE BUNNY: “Well, after all, things are back to normal here. But I feel like celebrating. In fact I feel like dancing.” (Dances.)


MOM: “How do you feel about Hula Dance? I kind o like it! (Dances hula dance.)


SPACE BUNNY: “Yeah, let’s do a Hula dance in space!  You guys just copy me.”  

All but Dr. John join in the dance. Dr. John continues working on his computer.


12 HULA DANCE IN SPACE by Loreta Kovacic, YouTube

When you wake up late at night, and you look at the sky

Act out getting out of bed.  Look at the sky, use hands.

You will see my lady there and she’ll sing you a lullaby.

Move hands as if holding a baby to the rhythm.

Go within go within to go beyond to     go beyond.

Put your head down with both hands moving down from the head. Hands and head move up to form praying position above the head.

Very far up in the sky, right around the Milky Way, lives a Goddess oh so fine, this is what she has to say

Move hands as if holding a baby to the rhythm.

Go within go within to go beyond to go beyond

Put your head down with both hands moving down from the head. Hands and head move up to form praying position above the head.


Come on all you Space Wigs do a      Hula Dance in space do a Hula Dance in space do a Hula Dance in space do a Hula Dance in space. Come on ……

Hands move down from a roof above the head in rhythm. Hula 2 times Right, 2 times Left...


BT: “I sure like conferences…especially Space Conferences. I haven’t danced in so long. Dr. John, do you dance?” He demonstrates his robot dance again.


DR JOHN: “Sorry guys, I was born for science, not for dance. I am working on the new NASA telescope...It will go further, it’s so much stronger then the old Hubble…”


MOM: “Yes Sir. It’s been such an epic experience here at the Conference. In fact, it’s been a historic experience! Ha!”


ALICE: “Dr. John, we would be honored if you accept our invitation to join our secret society, the Space Wiggs.”


DR JOHN: “Of course, I would love to. And I would also like to use this opportunity to thank you for what you have done for us here and for or planet today.  Therefore I present you with this NASA badge of honor.” Hands them badges, then joins in the song with movement.


SPACE BUNNY teaches the audience: “I would like to invite the audience to join in the Space Wigg ceremony movement song as follows:

Make a letter S with Right Arm and foot in front and Left in the back while shaking rhythmically.       Switch arms and feet.

Make a letter W with arms above head while shaking rhythmically.  Move arms up from

praying position near belly to above the head.

Pretend talk to each other.”


13 SPACE WIGGS  all actors and audience with movement.

Space wiggs, we are the Space wiggs, and        we like, we like the space stuff.

Make a letter S with Right Arm and foot in front and Left in the back while shaking rhythmically.       Switch arms and feet.

Welcome to our moon rocks     universe.

Make a letter W with arms above head while shaking rhythmically.  Move arms up from praying position near belly to above the head.

In reality, we are just space enthusiasts, you don’t get too far if you just dream. You gotta produce something good, something good, like MOON ROCKS…

Pretend talk to each other.


SPACE BUNNY: “And now for the finale! 123”: All bow together at the end.


--------------------------------------------THE END--------------------------------------------



11 Original Songs, 13 Sound cues:




$ 500 if all items are purchased on Amazon.

This price can be greatly reduced if students and parents are willing to find and donate:

two folding tables with chairs, Alice’s bed (it can be a floor mattress), altar shelves, telescope toy, toy piano, theremin, teapot and a teacup, crutches, 5 silver robes, 2 lab coats, etc.



Set in Act 1:

Kitchen has a table and 2 chairs, computer, shelf with teapot and a teacup.

Alice’s room with bed, shelf, computer, Tesla poster, Altar shelf

Set in Act 2:

Two tables. NASA table has a computer, theremin or toy piano and a telescope “prototype” toy.

Space Wigg table has a computer, moon rocks they made.



Part 1: found in school or find in student’s houses:

2 cell phones for two girls

2 computers.

Ring for Alice

Candy for Mom

Moon rocks materials: newspapers, color cellophane, aluminum foil- some made in class.

Folder with music manuscripts and melodica or toy piano for Mom

2 Backpacks: Ruben’s has papel picado. Claire’s has: Mom picture, stuffed toy.

Two fold-up tables with two chairs.

Bed for Alice’s room

Crutches for Dad


Part 2: can be made by students in class:

Tesla poster for Alice’s room

Moon rocks materials: newspapers, cellophane, aluminum foil- for bigger moon rocks

NASA badge of honor

telescope toy

Optional: two alien masks


Part 3: donated by parents or purchased by school:

Theremin (Burns Theremins on Amazon: $ 99.95) or toy piano for BT

Tall kitchen shelf with teapot, pretzels and candles on it in Act 1 kitchen. In Act 1 Alice’s room it has Space Wigg robes on it.

Altar shelves for Dia de Los Muertos altar

Bunny ears and antennae for Space Bunnies

2 Science lab coats for Dr. John and BT

5 Shiny silver Space Wigg robes.

 Space Wiggs at CAMH

Space Wiggs at CAMH


One act comedy with music                  by Loreta Kovacic

For young audience and Middle school or older actors.  Educational, fun, interactive and bilingual (any actor can learn a few phrases in Spanish)



This 40 minute Holiday comedy with music is educational especially about Mexican culture, but also entertaining, funny and interactive at the same time. Any actor can learn a few phrases in Spanish. It is well suited for a bilingual community, but it can be enjoyed in any community during Christmas season. 7 songs are originally composed for this play and all songs are available on YouTube. “Calipso Date”, “Christmas no” and “Ho ho ho ho” were published for Alchemist Piano Theatre on Loreta Kovacic’s Grammy nominated album “Brother Tadpole classics”. Set is simple and can be very minimal.  Budget for this play is very affordable if parents and students help with props and costumes.


There are 5 main acting roles: 2F, 2M and 1U, with as many as 20 more Choir members added to the team. Tech team is also a part of Choir.  There are 6 main Tech roles:  Sound Tech, Light tech, Director, Stage manager-Assistant director, Costume manager and Makeup manager.



2F, 2M and 1U: IxChel (F), Iris (F), Santa/Abuela (M), Grinch/Grinchero (M), Choir Leader(U), Choir and/or Aztec dancers (up to 20 more actors).


ROLES characteristics:

Ixchel, F: older sister, actress, more mature, starting to recognize who she really is and how to assert herself in the world.

Iris, F: younger sister, a little immature, playful, talented singer, a little shy, funny.

Choir leader, U: singer, leader, narrator, loud voice, connects with the audience, animator.

Santa/Abuelita, M: Santa in Act One: Grinch’s best friend, funny, has two voices. He is a funny actor, Santa auditioning for a role. He becomes Abuela in Act Two: the funny Mexican grandmother who speaks in softer voice. Speaks a little Spanish. Bilingual. She is a great chef and a spiritual person who teaches them about their Mexican culture.

Grinch/Grinchero M: In Act One Grinch is auditioning for a role. He is a comedian who has two voices: his “Grinch “ voice and his normal voice.  In Act Two: Grinchero, the cousin Jesus in Isla Mujeres. Speaks a little in Spanish. Bilingual.



This Holiday comedy with music was written originally for the Alchemist Piano Theatre.  Loreta Kovacic was commissioned to write it and produce it in 2009 by CAMH in Houston.  It was later adopted for a bilingual public school and performed as a Holiday One-act comedy with the “Grinch theme”.  Actors for this play can be Middle school or older.  It is intended for young audiences, but it was well received by general pubic, including parents during its 2016 production.



The story follows two Middle School sisters from the stage auditions in their school to a fantastic Christmas holiday with their Abuelita in Isla Mujeres, Mexico.  Ix-Chel, the older sister finds her voice with a bad social media bully, and Iris, the musically talented younger sister finds her voice in music, literally. Iris’s talent helps them make the trip to their funny Abuelita who shows them many culturally significant and important elements of Christmas: from Our Lady of Guadalupe to the powerful Mayan goddess, Ix-Chel, all helping them recognize their “girl power”.  Abuelita and their cousin Grinchero also introduce them “pura vida” in Isla Mujeres.  The two sisters learn the new meaning of Christmas: be thankful for what you have and no dwelling on the negative. It’s all good. Chill out. Feliz Navidad!



1 Greensleves,      Loreta Kovacic, YouTube


2  Ho ho ho ho,       Loreta Kovacic, YouTube


3 Mi burrito sabanero,    Mexican Christmas Song.  Interpreted by Loreta Kovacic.


4 Oh Sole Mio - Christmas in the Sun,   Loreta Kovacic, YouTube


5 Amigos,   Loreta Kovacic, YouTube


6 Christmas now,    Loreta Kovacic, YouTube


7 Calypso Date,    Loreta Kovacic, YouTube


8 Winter wonderland-underwear,    Loreta Kovacic, YouTube


9 Aztec Dance,  traditional Mexican folkloric dance. This is an idea for one.


This show has seven songs originally written for AlchemistPianoTheatre by Loreta Kovacic. “Mi Burrito Sabanero” is a popular Mexican Christmas song and “Aztec dance” is significant part of Mexican folkloric tradition.


---------------------ACT 1----------------------

-----Holiday Play Auditions-----


SCENE 1: Santa and Grinch comedy with Choir--------------


1 GREENSLEVES     (Loreta Kovacic, YouTube)


Stage is half-way set up for a Christmas play.  Christmas scene backdrop could be there. Christmas tree with a few presents is in the back stage Left, the Choir is Mid Stage Right, sitting around the “Christmas table”. They are practicing for Christmas play auditions. IxChel and Iris are practicing their monologues and songs at the table.  Some choir members are decorating a tree, and some are working on Grinch and Santa’s costuming and makeup. Santa and Grinch are best friends, class clowns. They love to hoarse around and entertain their classmates. They create a little physical comedy act here, very much overacting and overplaying their roles. When Santa starts talking, Choir goes into a quiet, sleepy mode. They “wake up” from this mode a few times during singing auditions.


SANTA: “HO HO HO HALLO!”  (Yells. Speaks in a “Santa voice”, not his natural voice. Grinch follows him like a shadow-oh that funny Grinchy!)


GRINCH: “HO HO HO HOLA.” (Grinch also has a “Grinch voice”, different from his natural voice.  He acts surprised by this “voice” he hears from above? He pretends not to see Santa yet.)


SANTA: “How are you?”


GRINCH:  “Como estas?”(Continues to shadow-mock Santa.)


SANTA:  “I asked you first.”


GRINCH: “Te pregunte el primero.”


SANTA: “Oh, that’s REALLY mature, repeating exactly what I say in Spanish!”


GRINCH: “Muy maduro. Repitiendo exactamente lo que digo.”


SANTA: “I am an idiot.”


GRINCH: “YOU are an idiot.  HO HO HO HE HE HE.”  (Santa finally figures it out, he turns back and they come face to face)


SANTA: “Oh no it’s you!”


GRINCH: “Oh no it’s YOU!”  Ho ho ho ho, Santa dear. Cach me if you can! He he he he. (singing and mocking. Backing away from Santa.)


SANTA: Ho ho ho ho, I am gonna catch you amigo!


2 HO HO HO HO     (Loreta Kovacic, YouTube) 

Santa tries to catch Grinch. They run around the tree and the table during this song. Santa catches Grinch at the end of song,


GRINCH sings:

Ho ho ho ho!

Ho ho ho ho, Santa dear! Ho ho ho ho, Santa dear!

It’s so good to see you here, you come to me every year, oh Santa!

Ho ho ho ho, Ho ho ho ho!  I love you Santa!



GRINCH: I must find the way to stop you from coming! (They hug and sit on the floor next to Christmas tree)


SANTA: Coming where?


GRINCH: Everywhere. Here and there… Bringing gifts. (He examines at gifts under a tree) And Fiestas, fiestas y mas fiestas. (He goes to listen to Choir fiesta noises around the table.)

And noise. Oh the noise. Noise, noise noise! (He becomes crazier while he listens to the choir making celebratory noises). And the singing! Oh how I hate the singing. Singing, singing and more singing.


SANTA: Yes it’s all about singing. (Switches to speaking in his natural voice.) Now seriously, amigo, stop this locura,…we are here to audition for our roles in this year’s Christmas play, verdad?


GRINCH: Yes, amigo. Let’s do this. So you sing and I am your back up dancer, right?


SANTA: I am ready. (They walk to front center stage. Grinch clears his throat.) Are you ready? (to audience) You said to prepare a song and a monologue. So we are ready to do our song.  We heard that this year’s play is going to be bilingual, so we chose a song in Spanish.


GRINCH:  I hate them all equally (acting as Grinch, then switching to his regular voice). And yes, I am ready for the role of Grinch, if you would please choose me, I would appreciate it. Grazias por tu adoracion de mi. I am the best! He looks at himself in a little mirror, then walks to the microphone center front stage.


CHOIR wakes up and circles GRINCH front stage.


3 MI BURRITO SABANERO     (Loreta Kovacic, YouTube)



Con mi burrito sabanero, voy camino de Belen (Grinch repeats while dancing around him, Right to Left.)

Si me ven, si me ven, voy camino de Belen (Grinch repeats dancing around him, Left to Right.)



Tuki tuki tuki tuki. Tuki tuki tuki ta.   Apurate mi burrito se ya vamos a llegar.  (Repeat together with dance: Right leg, left leg 2 times. Santa sits on the top of Grinch, the donkey, shaking arms in rhythm. Grinch can make a donkey noise.)


Il lucerito mananero illumina mi sendero (Grinch repeats)

Si me ven….(repeat the rest)


SANTA and GRINCH bow theatrically together many times at the end of song.


GRINCH: So, how did we do? (wait for response) Whaaaaat?! We did not get the role??


SANTA: But we were Grinch and Grinchero last year!!! Oh please, please, can you give us the role?  (He goes into the audience begging, then goes to exit through the front door to the theater.) There will be NO PRESENTS this year, I tell you all!!!


GRINCH: (following Santa towards the front door exit madly) I agree. No presents. Nada. Nil. Nista. Niente. Ho ho ho ho. He he he he.



SCENE 2: Two sisters get ready for the audition.---------------


Iris and Ix-Chel, the two sisters move center stage while the choir is quietly resting (sleeping) around the table and around the Christmas tree in the background.


IRIS: “To be or not to be, that is the question. Weather it’s noble in mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune OR to take arms against the sea of trouble and by opposing end them?” (exaggerates physical properties of  these words, reading only a little from the paper in her hand.)


IX-CHEL:  “What’s wrong with you? You act like a hammer, not Hamlet. Hahaha. Besides, why did you pick a male monologue for the audition?


IRIS: “Stop making fun of me big sis. I asked Ms. K and she said it’s OK. There could be a female Hamlet, why not.  So there. And what’s your monologue?


IX-CHEL: I don’t know…I am trying to write my own. Ms. K is into writing your own monologue from your own experience…


IRIS:  So what you gonna talk about?  About how our Momma died?!  About visiting Dad in jail every month?!  About how it hurts to live with just Abuela here in the big city… And about her gambling habit?!  And how poor we are. And how we won’t get any presents this year?!


IX-CHEL:  Well, not quite… I wanna talk about how much I miss our Abuelita in Mexico. And how much I want to see her again.  I just want to have one Christmas in the Sun. It’s so cold here this winter…And we have no money for heating, and I am sleeping in my coat…oh how I hate the cold.  So I am doing a monologue and a song about this.  You know how Abuelita in Mexico loves that Italian song “Oh Sole mio”.  Sings in Italian: Che bella cosa na jurnata 'e sole,  N'aria serena, doppo na tempesta!  Pe' ll'aria fresca pare gia' na festa...”


IRIS  joins her :  Che bella cosa na jurnata 'e sole. She continues but in a mocking way: nanana.


IX-CHEL: Stop it Iris. You make me sick. I think you are so immature, cause the bottom line of it all is that I know that You know that you are a great singer. And I know that if you believe in yourself, like our Abuela always said, “Cree en ti mismo” you will get the main role and beyond, you can do much more than that…


IRIS:  Yes Ix-Chel, I get it… I will try. Ms. K was helping me write and original song too. So yes, I appreciate your support.  I need your support. And now I want to support you. You ready to audition?


IX-CHEL: I am ready if you are ready (to audience)  She goes to microphone in center front stage and sings:


4 CHRISTMAS IN THE SUN  (Loreta Kovacic, YouTube)

Talk: Dear Santa, it’s hard for me to even write this letter cause my fingers are frozen!

Sing: I used to live out there, where the north winds blow, I wore ten layers, what a fashion in the snow.

Inside our house, I was always freezing, I wore my coat inside just sneezing and weezing.

Oh how I dreamed of a sunny day, my Christmas was so freezing cold and grey, I’d pray for a summer day, dreaming of Christmas in the southern sun.
Talk: I play the piano to try to warm my fingers, but it’s not working cause I’m frozen to the bone, and you need warm feelings to make music, You know all about that, Santa. So this Christmas I’m not asking for toys like usual, this Christmas I’m asking to have Christmas in the sun!

Sing: Oh how I dreamed of a summer day, flip flops and cold drinks, sailing through the bays, I knew that some day soon, Christmas will come, with the southern sun.

Talk: Santa, please take me down south where it’s warm, so I can swim with the dolphins and sit under a coconut tree, please take me there and I’ll be the best ever, you’ll be so proud of me!


IRIS:  (applauds) Wow, (to audience and Choir) did she make the audition?  Oh you are gonna post the results tomorrow, yes, yes, of course….(Ix-Chel and Iris move to mid stage, away from the audition spot and continue talking)


IX-CHEL: I think my monologue is gonna be better then the song (a little insecure, looking at her phone distracted)


IRIS: “You sounded a little whiney….begging Santa so much….but all in all it was OK.  Who is texting you so much?”


IX-CHEL: “Oh, it’s that “friend” America. She is such a bully. I told her I don’t want to hang out and she just can’t take no for an answer… Oh Iris, could you text her that I am exhausted from my audition?”


IRIS:  “Sure sis, but I am tired of having to cover up and lie for you. Why don’t you tell her the truth?”


IX-CHEL: “Because…she will then go on social media and make me look like a total looser…and I am so scared of that. Next year I am going to her school where she already knows all the people.”


IRIS:  “So?!  Are you crazy? Who cares about the friends of the fool?”


IX-CHEL:  “You’re a fool.”


IRIS:  “Did you just call me a fool, fool?” (They run after each other: around the Christmas tree, table, etc.  Choir wakes up now from the commotion.)


CHOIR LEADER: (stops the two sisters from running). “Peace and love sisters. It’s all good. Let’s get back to the audition… Iris, we are ready to sing with you. (To choir:) Are you guys ready?”


CHOIR moves toward the front stage surrounding IRIS in the center front.


IRIS: (to Ix-Chel) “Well, big sis, I wrote this little song about us, you and me sis, cause we quarrel sometimes... It’s called “Amigos”.  (Now to audience)” I tried to use a complex rhythm: its 7/8. Like this, count to 7. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7. Ok, now how do we divide it? Simple math here: its 3 plus 2 plus 2.  123,12,12. And you accent every 1 beat.  Let’s practice together: 123 12 12. Now you (to audience and Choir:----) And now with the song.  It gets much faster. Challenge? Let’s go!”


5 AMIGOS    (Loreta Kovacic, YouTube)                        

Instrumental.      Choir and audience are trying to clap the rhythm. Iris gives them a sign to stop.

Today is a brand new day, it is a brand new day, today is a brand new day but trouble is here to stay, but trouble is here to stay. 


We’re only quarrelling, we’re only quarrelling, we’re only fighting on and on.  We’re only quarrelling, we’re only quarrelling, why can’t we just get along.

Why can’t we just get along?  (Repeat 2 more times)

Amigos! Amigos! Amigos!  Amigos!

Instrumental verse (longest)    CHOIR dances walking and forming letter “A” behind Iris. More movements can be added here at the last Chorus.


We’re only quarrelling, we’re only quarrelling, we’re only fighting on and on.  We’re only quarrelling, we’re only quarrelling, why can’t we just get along.

Why can’t we just get along? (Repeat 2 more times. At the last word: all hands go up.)

CHOIR now goes back to their table to relax. The two sisters go to the Christmas tree.


IX-CHEL: Great song sis! (excitedly) I think you should enter it in that Radio contest for best original song this year on BRBK 101. 


IRIS:  “Maybe…”


IX-CHEL:  “No sis, you gotta do it. Remember, “cree en ti mismo”. Believe in yourself.  It’s $ 5000 dollars first prize.  If you win, we can both go to visit Abuelita in Isla Mujeres.”


IRIS:  Ok Ok, I’ll do it, I promise. First thing tomorrow morning!  I believe in myself!


IX-CHEL and IRIS lock hands and scream in unison:  “Girl power!”  They decorate the Christmas tree. 


IX-CHEL: “Ok, so I want Christmas in Mexico, and what about you, what kind of Christmas do you want, Sis?”


IRIS:  “I just want Christmas now! I don’t want to have to wait all the way until Christmas Day!”


IX-CHEL: “You really are my baby sister…”


IRIS:  “Ix-Chel, you know we are not getting any presents… and Mom and Dad are not going to be with us.  Dad might, one day…”


IX-CHEL: “And you want Christmas now? Why?!”


IRIS and IX-CHEL walk towards the front door of the theater, dancing to the song.  CHOIR wakes up and dances while singing along to the song around the Christmas tree:


6 CHRISTMAS NOW   (Loreta Kovacic, YouTube)     IRIS sings.

Christmas, Christmas, what about Christmas?  Christmas, Christmas, I want it now.

Presents are here and Christmas cheer, why should I wait all the way till Christmas day, oooo, it seems so far away…to open my presents so shiny and bright, I’d open them now and have so much fun!

Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Hurricane or maybe big wind?!

Christmas, Christmas I want it now.


CHOIR LEADER: ( After sisters are gone, and the Choir exits the stage, he/she comes to front center stage): “Did you guys hear the news?  (Waits for audience response) I heard it on the radio today! (Waits) Wait for it, wait for it!!  Ok. Iris won the best original song contest. Money!!! And they are going to Mexico to visit their Mexican abuelita in Isla Mujeres. The island of Women! (Applause)



---------------------ACT 2-----------------------

-----Isla Mujeres, Mexico-----


SCENE 3: Abuelita’s kitchen-----------------------------------


Set is abuelita’s kitchen in Isla Mujeres. Kitchen table is in the middle with tortilla machine and dishes, all decorated with bright Mexican colors. Small Christmas tree is in the corner.  There is an “imaginary front door” center stage. Abuelita is Santa from Act 1, it is a male dressed as a female, speaking in female voice. She is funny, nice and she loves teaching her grandchildren about her culture. Two girls are helping her cook molotes.


IRIS:  “Abuelita, why do we have to make our own tortillas for molotes?  I just can’t make a good tortilla for the life of me.” (She uses the tortilla machine and her tortilla falls apart in her hands before she puts it on to the stove pot)


IX-CHEL: “Yes Abuelita.  This tortilla machine is really wicked. Ahhhhhhh.


ABUELITA: “Vamos a practicar. Practicando, practicando y practicando! Next one will be perfecta! Iris, you know that American joke: A tourist asks a street musician in New York city: how do you get to Carnegie Hall?”


IRIS:  “Yes abuelita. Practice, practice, practice.” 

They continue making tortillas while abuelita sings “Oh Sole mio” She can just hum the melody or she can sing it in Italian for more comedic effect. In the middle of Abuelita’s singing, Choir comes from the front Theater door, down the side isle, singing “LA GUADALUPANA”. They are dressed in traditional Mexican Costumes.  They carry a big poster of “Virgen de Guadalupe”.  CHOIR sings with small percussion instruments in their hands, walking in a procession towards the side steps to the stage, stopping in front of “Imaginary door”. Abuelita and two sisters come to the door to greet hem and listen to them.


LA GUADALUPANA   (a capella choir with small percussion)


Desde el cielo una Hermosa manana. Desde el cielo una Hermosa manana.


La guadalupana, la guadalupana, la guadalupana Bajo al tepeyac.


Suplicante juntaba sus manos. Suplicante juntaba sus manos.


Y era Mexicana, y era Mexicana, y era Mexicana Su porte y su faz.


ABUELITA: “ oh Dios mios, I forgot the date today! It’s December 12th, the day of the Our Lady of Guadalupe! Grazias mi gente y Grazias Virgen morena! Ora pro nobis. (makes a praying gesture)


IX-CHEL: “Where are all these people going Abuelita?  The Choir procession quietly goes out the front door, the same way they came in. Actors can wait until they exit.


ABUELITA: “To church, mi querida.  They are going to get the blessing from the Virgen, one of the most powerful national symbols of Mexico. Our Lady of Guadalupe. She helps the poor, she protects the sick and powerless, she brings voice to us women….and much more. Y mucho mas.


IRIS:  “Abuelita, remember that t-shirt you sent me once, with her image. I still have it. It’s my favorite t-shirt.”


ABUELITA: “I am so happy to hear that, dulce.  Estoy tan feliz de saber que.”  (Hugs her a little too much? A knock on the door is heard. Cousin Grinchero is at the door.)


GRINCHERO:  Hola Abuelita.  Ho ho ho, I see Iris and Ix-Chel have arrived. I am on my way home from the beach, as usual… (He is in his bathing suit and has a towel thrown over one shoulder.)


ABUELITA:  Yes Jesus, come in, you are checking on your old Abuelita…Grazias mi nieto. Grazias. (She goes back to her molotes)


GRINCHERO: “Hey primos, long time no see… Glad you’re here.  Iris, congrats on winning that song contest and getting you both here to us.  Bienvenidos a Mexico. Bienvenidos a Isla Mujeres. Welcome to paradise guys. 


IX-CHEL: “Grazias primo.  I have wanted to come back here for so long. Little sister is awesome.  She looks at her phone. 


GRINCHERO:  “Who is texting you so much, Ix-Chel?” 


IX-CHEL: “It’s a bully from school.  She just won’t let go.  It gives me so much stress…”


GRINCHERO: “Don’t worry prima…ignore it. Let’s go to the beach.  There is an Aztec party on the beach today.  It’s right next to the temple. 


IX-CHEL:  “You mean that old temple south of here?”


ABUELITA:  “Yes, that was the old Mayan temple of the goddess of the Moon. But her real name is same as yours, Ix-Chel.  You were named after her.”


IRIS:  “Abuelita, I didn’t know that…”


IX-CHEL: “I did, Iris….it’s OK. But I didn’t know about the temple…”  She is looking at her phone again.


GRINCHERO:  “Well, our island, Isla Mujeres was devoted to Ix-Chel. She is our goddess protector.  The reason I like her is because she helps us recognize the negative forces in our lives. And she tells us to assert ourselves fully in the face of violence, to assert ourselves in the face of anything that would diminish our sense of self.  I learned this in school.”


ABUELITA: “Muy beueno Jesus!  Es verdad. Ix-Chel was suffering abuse from her husband, the Son God, Kinich Ahau. She became an invisible jaguar when she left her abuser for good.  You need to stand up to the bully and never put up with any abuse in your life, ninos!”


IX-CHEL:  “Is this a sign?” Looking at her phone, worried.  “Maybe it’s time to stop that online bully right now.”


GRINCHERO: “Si si, prima, I will help you but I need your help too. Can you help me put on my Grinchero makeup? I am selling candy on the beach.  I sell more when I am in my Grinhero costume.”


IRIS:  “Grinchero?  Ha ha.. Jesus-Grinchero?!  Only in Mexico.”


IX-CHEL:  “Sure we will help you.”  They start doing his makeup together. Abuelita joins them. She starts doing makeup on herself.


ABUELITA:  “Sometimes, when I feel very special, I get into a Santa costume and go help Grinchero on the beach. I think I am going with you today.  It’s one of those days.”  She starts to change her costume into SANTA. Her voice changes to a deeper Santa voice.  “Ho ho ho ho.” She sings and dances:  “Ho ho ho ho, Ho ho ho ho, Dancing Calipso.”  Iris joins the fun. Dances with Abuelita.


IRIS:  “I can’t wait to get to the beach…I would love to have a date.”


ABUELITA:  “A date? No you are muy joven. Too young lady, waaay too young.”


IRIS:  “I want to have a date with an Elf. Down by the beach in the hot hot sun, December sure is lots of fun! Here is my brand new song, muchachos!”  She sings, dancing around the Christmas tree, while Ix-Chel and Abuelita are doing makeup on Grinchero.


7 CALIPSO DATE    (Loreta Kovacic, YouTube)

I had a date with a Snow-man, he melted down into no man. Down by the beach in the hot, hot sun, December sure is lots of fun. I had a date, with Christmas tree, he said c’mon won’t you merry me oh


Ho ho ho ho , Ho ho ho ho, dancing calypso, dancing calypso. Ho ho ho ho, Ho ho ho ho, dancing calypso, dancing calypso….dancing calypso, dancing calypso.  Oh, sunshine, I had calypso date.

I had a date with a rain deer I had a date with elf. Guess what I wrote to Santa dear: I want a date, I want a date! I had a date. I had a date, I had calypso date, I had a date I had a date, I had calypso date.

CHORUS:  All can sing on the second chorus.  Change of scene to Beach during Chorus.



SCENE 4: Isla Mujeres beach by the temple-------------------


Stage has Mexican Aztec Temple backdrop and/or a statue of the goddess, Ix-Chel.  Few Choir members are lounging on the beach and chatting dressed in their summer clothes or in bathing suits.  They are on their beach towels front Stage Left and Right. Audience is part of the beach scene. Colorful beach umbrella or any other beach prop can be added to the scene.  Grinchero and Santa are in full costume with candy trays hung around their necks.


GRINCHERO:  “Candy on the beach. Close to your reach.  Alteno super pina locaaaa, Bubbaloo Fresa!”


SANTA:  “Bubbaloo Menta y mucho mas! Ayudanos a ganar dinero!”


GRINCHERO:  “Help us raise money for ______________ “ (a field trip to the Alley Theater, or put your own event you are raising money for)


Santa and Grinchero sell a few candies to the Choir members first. Choir pays them real money-5 dollar bills. After this they go into the audience to sell. They are the two excited great salesmen. The two sisters go out to help them.


GRINCHERO: “It’s a deal. I would not be called Grinchero if I was lying. It’s a deal of the century!! One candy for only 5 dollars!”


SANTA:  “Santa saves you money! Order now. Do it for our family. Do it for your family. Do it for Santa!  Feliz Navidad!”


GRINCHERO: “Mira. I am in my winter underwear, which is my bathing suit. This is CHRISTMAS IN THE SUN! And noone, absolutamente nadie, absolutely none has better candy then us here.” GRINCHERO goes to sing and dance center front stage while the rest of the team continues to sell candy during the song.



Sleigh bells ring are you listening, in the sun sea is glistening. A beautiful sight we’re happy tonight walking in the winter underwear.

Gone away is the blue boat, here to stay is the new boat, we’re singing a song as we go along, walking in the winter underwear.


CHOIR LEADER asks the audience to join here.

Na na na…..


Later on we will meet as we dream in the heat, we lay in the sand our Christmas is grand, walking in the winter underwear (repeat)


CHOIR LEADER:  “Senoras y senores, more of this delicious candy will be available for purchase right after the show.”


SANTA, GRINCERO and the two SISTERS sit on the towels center stage. They are looking at the money that they made, trying to count it, but they are distracted.  They look into the audience. The ocean is there. Santa takes some of the costume off to become Abuelita again, speaking in the female voice.


SANTA: “So chicas, we did good? This is Isla Mujeres, the island of women. Look at that beautiful ocean…(looks into the audience) Ix-Chel, do you feel the power of our Goddess here?”


IX-CHEL and IRIS lock hands: “Girl power! Girl power!”


ABUELITA:  “Yes, Girl power! And pura vida!”


IX-CHEL:  “Abuelita, what do you mean by pura vida?  Our Abuela in America sometimes says this.  I don’t really know the meaning…”


ABUELITA:  “No worries, no fuss, no stress. It’s an emotion. Felicidad. It’s happiness, it’s a way of life here in Isla.  No matter how bad your circumstances are, you remain positive and optimistic. This is pura vida.”


GRINCHERO:  “This expression came to us from our 1956 movie called Pura vida. Director was…(thinks a little)…Gilberto Solares!”


IX-CHEL: “I think I am starting to feel it. El Sol!”


IRIS:  “Me too! Be thankful for what you have, take action and don’t dwell on the negative.”


IX-CHEL: “Even though life in America is hard for us, we will remain positive. We will feel grateful for all we have: we will be grateful for our Abuela in America, grateful for our talents that we can use, all of it…”


IRIS: “We will also be grateful for our candy and our candy money.”


IX-CHEL: Pura vida! It’s all good! Chill out. Let us all relax and be happy! The new meaning of Christmas! 


GRINCHERO:  “Guys, our Aztec Dancers are coming!  This will be a Holiday beach dance dedicated to our Goddess Ix-Chel.  They dance in the circle while the Goddess and her abusive husband re-enact the time when Ix-Chel breaks free from the oppression.” They all stand up.


ABUELITA: “Repeat after me! To freedom!” (hands up!)


CHOIR LEADER and ALL: “To freedom!”


GRINCHERO: “A la Liberdad!” (hands up!)


CHOIR LEADER and ALL: “A la liberdad!”


ABUELITA: “Feliz Navidad!” (She hugs the person next to her)


CHOIR LEADER and ALL: “Feliz Navidad!”



They clear the stage for the dancers.  They go to sit on the front side stage or in the audience. Aztec dancers come to perform the very simple Aztec dance in the half circle: Two steps to the right, back to the middle, two steps to the left, back to the middle, touch the floor, hands above the head. Repeat. They are in full costume with rattles “ayoyotes” in their hands and/or on their legs. This dance can be choreographed by the students or learned from any Aztec Dance on YouTube. Ix-Chel and her husband are in the middle, performing an emotional dance of her standing up to his oppression and breaking free.  This part of the dance is more acting then dancing. Ix-Chel costume includes her jaguar ears and her husband has a head peace that represents the King. At the end of the dance he sits in a thinking position, resembling a famous sculpture by Roden, “the thinker”, with one elbow on the knee.  Ix-Chel dances her freedom dance outside of the circle, then going through the audience towards the front door to the Theater.


---------------------THE END--------------------




1 Table: Christmas table in Act 1 and Mexican kitchen table in Act 2 Scene 3.

2 A Christmas tree with some fake gifts under it.

3 Grinch and Santa costume with makeup for Grinch. Santa has Abuelita clothes underneath. Grinch has beach clothes underneath.

4 Microphone for solo singers front center stage

5 Choir costume: regular school clothes for Act 1, Traditional Mexican colorful costumes in Scene 3, Beach clothes for Scene 4, and Aztec dance costumes at the end. Aztec dance can be a different group of students from a Dance Class.

6 Tortilla machine and some tortillas

7 Big poster of Our Lady of Guadalupe mounted on a stick to be carried in a procession.

8 Aztec temple backdrop and/or Statue of a Goddess (Ix-Chel)

9 Beach towels and a beach umbrella or another beach prop.

10 Mexican and other candy for sale. Boxes to hold the candy.

11 Christmas scene backdrop for Act 1, if available.



Projected cost on Amazon is $ 420.  This can be greatly reduced.

Many production items could be donated by parents and teachers: tortilla machine, Mexican and Christmas tablecloths, the Goddess sculpture, Mexican and other candy, etc. 

Some items might be a part of School’s inventory (such as Christmas tree and Santa costume?)  Bilingual schools might already have Mexican traditional costumes and Aztec dancers in their Folkloric program after school.

Students can make many items in class: Big poster of Our Lady of Guadalupe, fake Christmas gift boxes, Candy holding boxes, etc.



One microphone in the center front stage for solo songs 

A PA system to play all the music: nine songs 

USB with all songs for the Sound Tech

title page.jpg
 CYCLOPS DANCE is the third song on "Brother Tadpole classics" a Grammy nominated album.      

CYCLOPS DANCE is the third song on "Brother Tadpole classics" a Grammy nominated album.



 APT performance at a bilingual Middle School in Houston

APT performance at a bilingual Middle School in Houston