Loreta Kovacic

Dr. Loreta Kovacic, who is fondly referred to as the “Alchemist”, is an accomplished musician, teacher, author and children’s theater director. Her spirit is what makes her a true alchemist in that she has the uncanny ability to transform the seemingly normal into true gold. This ability is reflected in the children she works with, inspiring a new level of confidence through music and performance!

Loreta holds a Doctorate in piano performance from Rice University, but is widely known for her performances from small local stages to Carnegie Hall. Her critically acclaimed work, Brother Tadpole, garnered her a Grammy nomination. When she’s not performing she plays, composes, teaches, directs and creates original children’s musicals at her piano studio in the Houston Heights.

Following her passion and inspired by her daughter, who has dyslexia, she decided to create a non-profit theatre program that welcomes and encourages children with dyslexia to help them gain confidence and inspire their creative side. This all original children’s musical theater, Alchemist Piano Theatre, or APT is located at Esperanza’s campus on 1100 Roy Street.

In her native former Yugoslavia, Loreta was known as her country’s first female electronic keyboard player as well as a classical pianist. Her songs have been played on Croatian radio and TV, Houston’s radio KUHF and KPFT and the International Space Station. Along with her theatre work Loreta enjoys performing music for the silent films of Charlie Chaplin and Georges Melies at venues like Discovery Green and MFAH.  She often performs with APT band and APT children singers and actors; especially with theremin player Joe Parani, also known as “Brother Tadpole”.  

“Known for her virtuoso performances from Boom Boom room to Carnegie Hall, she is also recognized as an author of imaginative children’s music. Her style is inspired by music from around the world, a unique, international mixture of influences. This self proclaimed “Texas Slav” calls her own style “Slavic & Western”. She moves from classical to pop and jazz genres as fluidly as her fingers dance around the ivories”Houston Press

“Her show has a distinctive cabaret feel to it, with all the notes filtered through her larger-then-life personality.” Culturemap, Houston, 2010

Loreta’s first albums were classical piano masterpieces

  • Loreta Kovacic, Pianist
  • Piano Notturno

 Her latest albums are original children’s theater songs